Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mommy: My Favorite Cup of Tea Layout for The Cutting Cafe

Regina over at THE CUTTING CAFE  hooked me up with some cool cutting files for the copper kettle I made for this page.

I was going to make a card out of this cutie-pie kettle, but then decided to make my own layered embellishment! COMPLETE with real embossed copper!

Since it's a card cutting file, it's kinda like cheating since you have extra layers already! Can you see them here? Use double sided paper in your Silly Machine and it's even pretty from the side!

Honest, I used only ONE sheet of paper and even cut into the bottom part that is usually unusable...

You see, I knew I was going to use that small piece of sticky copper and also alcohol ink for the handle! So there was the color I was going to add.

The cool part about making your own dimensional embellishment is that you can also use it to inspire a title!

This photo from my neighbor needed a nice title! I thought it was cool that I could come up with a creative one that links back to my kettle!

Hope you like the page, Shirley! I made it just for you! Thanks for supper the other night.


  1. oh my word, this is absolutely love love it

  2. Wow I love your kettle, such creativeness on your part yet again.. fabulous layout, cute photo!!

  3. Any chance there's a house located remotely close to you and gosh, what a blast that would be!!! As for your LO Mitra...freakin' SWEET. The sneak peek was wonderful, but this is just outstanding. Love the copper SO much and fantastic way to make Regina's files so completely versatile!
    Happy WEEKEND...
    What day is it? It's Friday! Go home camel you're drunk...LOL.
    me x

  4. Fab page....& now we know what Shirley looks like, to boot!!!! To kettle, anyway...that copper...yummy! And the big apricot flower.....just sooooo nice:):)

  5. Love the layout especially that doily in the background and your sweet little kettle, you did a lovely job on the embossed copper absolutely awesome embellishment thanks for sharing!!!

  6. How pretty! This is absolutely gorgeous!! That copper kettle is so awesome!!!


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