Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Aunt Connie!

My Aunt is off globe trotting today and isn't home for cake, so I'll wish her well from NY. Good thing we ate cake early. Which goes to show you that mantra about eating your dessert first is always true!

I am working on something nice for her, but the paint is still drying and it won't be ready to show until next month anyhow, but I can at least post a small sneak!

Hope your Friday is awesome!


  1. Texture, texture, texture....yum! But not as yummy as that cake looks:):):) And have you done that ever? Eaten your dessert first? I have one of those 'eat all you want' buffets. Otherwise I never leave room for the BEST bit of the meal:):):)!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oooh I love the look of that sneaky!!

  3. Lucky Aunty Connie, this looks wonderful.. look forward to seeing all of it!!

  4. love them both...the cake and the sneak peek!!!

  5. You're such a tease!!! Until next month......


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