Monday, August 12, 2013

Jane of Pratt Woods

So we have been steadily working our way through our summer chore of wood cutting. It's been fun. THE MAN and I are desk jockeys by day so it's nice to get in our woods. It's even better when the bugs are minimal and it's not raining.

Lucky for us the previous owner had the woods marked for cutting. Someone with a degree in Forest Management actually took the time to figure out which trees should stay and which should go for the overall health of the forest. Of course the second obvious tree to cut is one that is already dead and is standing. That means you save other trees later as it won't come down and damage them in a wind storm.

Every time we slowly drive our trails with our heads looking at the canopy it makes me think of the saying can't see the forest for the trees. We aren't trying to look at the forest though, we are actually trying to look at a single tree for signs of life.

Occasionally it's hard to tell because we have huge vines that grow up the trees. Sometimes what you mistake for tree leaves really aren't. We try to cut those vines when we come across them.

THE MAN claims most of what I do besides loading the wood wagon with the split wood is playing. See, I like to clean up the woods. I drag all the sticks into piles. I imagine I'm making little stick homes for the rabbits and small game.

Other times I like to swing on the vines with the theory my weight might pull them out of the tree.

Yes, I am Jane of our woods.

Did not realize I was getting video taped...thought THE MAN was just taking a photo or I could have shown you my upside down trick on the vine. NO JUST KIDDING.

Actually since I've never posted a video I took I thought I'd give it a try. I have some ideas of a studio tour at some point done with a video.

Happy Monday!


  1. Hey if they ever remake Tarzan and Jane I hope you put your name down! hehe!!

  2. Lookin' good my little "JANE". The woods are looking awesome though.

  3. What fun! So happy to see you in person finally :) Could we have more videos please?

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! All that exercise work must be having an effect. I wouldn't even be able to hold myself up on the vine!!!! Oh, the Fun you have in the BUSH as we call it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I stopped by to visit all the blogs of my new DT (The Cutting Café). I enjoyed poking around and reading your woodcutting story! I'm a new follower.

  6. I can imagine I'm hearing that famous resounding aria of the forest, only in a much more feminine tone, as you sway from tree to tree. You go Jane aka Mitra of the jungle.
    Loved seeing a video this time :D
    p.s....CONGRATULATIONS again on the good news too. So happy you made the team!
    Lisa x

  7. LOL!!! That was way too short!!! You definitely need to get to that video tour now :)))))


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