Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fairies, Dryads, and Knights

So yesterday I blogged about our woods and posted a fascinating video of me swinging from a vine (sarcasm). ;-)

Today, I want to talk about another woods I spent some time in recently. One in Sterling, NY.

One with real live fairies!

And dryads.....along with a butterfly angel?

Might be another fairy here, was hard to tell with the striped tights and dark wings. 

Then there was the knight drinking from a plastic water bottle. You know how hot chain mail and armor can be. 

The Renaissance Fair in Sterling can be a bit overwhelming with the visuals! And these are mostly just people coming to hang out at the Fair not actual employees!

It's also hard on pocket book! I really wanted this dress! For what, I have no idea! 

Or a stained glass dragon fly maybe?

Fun times though!

I made a layout about that dress...and dressing up at the Fair. Back to share it with you tomorrow. Thought you might need a little photo tour first to get you in the right frame of mind!


  1. But nay ye forget the damsel in distress is likewise overjoyed with the noshing of a wee turkey leg. YUM!!!

  2. That top fairy looks like someone hooked her to the fence!!! And that dress....well, why can't you wear it to work? Since no-one's LOOKING!!! I've always lusted after a Sari to wear around the house......but this would do:):) Can't wait to see your page now!!!!!!!

  3. Looks like you have stepped back in time into medieval times.. and that dress would be fun to dress up in.. not sure where I would wear it to, but still one can dream can't they???!!

  4. Definitely a very interesting event!!


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