Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hot Balls Layout

Decided to get some photos from a recent trip of ours glued down. Of course the whole process made me hungry. I do love food....

A long while back THE MAN and I went with my Father in Law to the Sterling Renaissance Festival which is located in Sterling, NY.

We still talk about that trip today and thought we should take our small people there to eat a gigantic Turkey Leg and some huge pickles not to mention all the shows, crazy outfits, and atmosphere!

I had a great pack of Renaissance Faire paper from Graphic 45 to play with so did a bit of fuzzy cutting.

Not fussy cutting, fuzzy....meaning I was getting annoyed. ;-)

Used a lot of gold spray, gold glittery glue and rich colors...to reflect the time period. Love the gold doilies & peacock feathers peeking out.

I had to throw in a photo of my title here. Those meatballs were really called "Hot Balls" at the Fair and when you look at the page, the hot sauce really stands out color wise. Hence, the page has to be called Hot Balls. ;-) Used a little metal piece and a whole lot of glue to get the letters to stand up on it. Also used some gold Ranger Alcohol ink to stain the letters.

Happy Tuesday! The week slowly creeps on towards the weekend!


  1. This looks amazing, very exotic, love the gold doiley!!

  2. And that big, beautiful flower..yummmy!!! Looks like a FUN FAIR..me being a Gilmore Girls 'tragic'...they had a renaissance fair on the show a bit......so I can just imagine what it was like...nice pic of your Mob down the bottom there, too:):):)

  3. LOVING all the metallics! Used your feathers and beautiful doily (one of them) you sent me on a page for publication the other day! Will email it to you for your eye's only! :)


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