Friday, August 30, 2013

Antique Glass Knobs & a Wee Shelf

The other day I went to the hardware store because I was looking for inspiration. I would have gone to the second hand store, but it was closed.

Wandered around the entire store looking for an idea.

See, I wanted to make this little shelf for my scarves using these fancy antique glass door knobs I have been hoarding.

Tried looking at pre-made stuff which made me sad. Looked in garden at all the pot bound plants that were on sale and talked myself out of buying a half price ceramic pot. Wandered up and down the lumber area. Poked at the molding.

Spent an hour in hardware opening up little drawers touching stuff.

After being asked 18 times if I needed help finding something, I came home with the top part of a pine stair tread. Spent six whole dollars.

FOR THE RECORD MEN IN LOWES:  I was not lost or confused. Next time I will tell you for real what I am actually working on. I guarantee your eyes will glaze over once I say the word CRAFT PROJECT. Thanks for asking, but why do you never ask when THE MAN is dragging us all over hell's creation in that store looking for something in particular that you probably don't stock. 

My one requirement was that I use up some molding I had, all the knobs, and it was chunky. My other requirement was that the board be recycled, but some serious digging in our barn attic hadn't turned up anything all that promising.

A double layer of wood, a little top, and those edges I roughed in myself. Got to use the scroll saw even. Turns out I'm good at cutting that kind of thing!

It's come a little farther now as we worked on it again last night after finally getting some bolts to secure the knobs. Had to drill pilot holes for the bolts, recess holes for the knobs and of course re-sand the entire thing!

Will show you that in the next post after I figure out how I'm painting it! It's on the agenda for this long Labor Day weekend!


  1. DELICIOUS!!! Oddly enough, it seemed the perfect description for this project. Fits all your needs and hits the spot...
    Can't wait to see how you paint it. :)

  2. I am sure your creation will be fabulous.. love those knobs..


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