Wednesday, August 28, 2013

PARC SAFARI Layout for My Creative Scrapbook

Oh man what fun! In a fit of trying to cram one last family trip into the summer, we bought tickets over the border to go to Parc Safari. They claim to be Africa in the Heart of Quebec! Not sure if that was exactly true, since it looked a lot like, well Canada. ;-)

We also decided to camp in over the border, which was our first time.

The kids have been to Canada before, but as Quebec is predominately French speaking it really felt like a different country! They figured out pretty quick that the signs very very different, they used kilometers vs. miles, and candy was NOT the same!  Lexi is claiming the candy bars are better, but I am sure she would like to keep sampling both to really make sure.

Used the August sketch from My Creative Scrapbook for the layout which I spotted on Helen's blog first. I decided to change colors of paper in the middle by creating some hills with some different stamp pads. Wanted to place my photos in a little scene!

In keeping with making a scene, I cut out a zillion pieces of grass on my Silly and a special downloaded font for the title to make it look safari like!

We must have taken a ZILLION photos of all the animals. We have been before, but forgot how cool it was to be able to drive through the park and meet all sorts of interesting beasts.

We did not think to bring carrots but that did not stop a variety of animals from poking their faces into our truck to check and see. The ones that hit their horns on the rear view mirrors made THE MAN wince.

The camel in particular was not very well behaved. He was eating carrots like a fiend and his lips were all foamy. He was pretty greedy too.

So I will leave you with Mr. Greedy Camel and wish you a happy Hump Day!


  1. LOLOLOLOLOLOL...I'm sorry, but I can't stop giggling. You understand why.... ;) But on a serious note, you all are so lucky to have this fantastic opportunity and I think it was a fantastic way to eke out the last bit of summer. As for the candy...I think it should be further researched as well! ;)
    Love your hump day post!

  2. p.s..the silly font for the title is brilliant. Really like that.

  3. You do graphic style so, sooooo well......this is a prize winner in my book.....& that FABULOUS scene you've created behind.....magical!!! Love it. Is be camping in Quebec full time if they speak French....make me feel closer to the country of my dreams:):):):)

  4. Wow, this is so gorgeous, love them animals and lucky you seeing them up close and personal. Wonderful to have you join in the MCS challenge this month.

  5. FABULOUS!! I can't stop looking at your background, and your photos are wonderful!!! Thank you for joining us at My Creative Sketches!

  6. Fantastic page! The photos are awesome. Your background is amazing! I am a follower would love to see you visit my blog for some feedback. All the best! :)


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