Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Payback & Layout about a photo denied

I remember when my kids were little and every word out of their mouth was NO!

Today, they use another word. They giggle and say DENIED.

Well, that is what happened to me when we were at the Sterling Renaissance Festival . I really wanted a photo of them with the queen. It's not like we have a queen here in the States.

So, I took a photo I had taken and added them in. I think Luke looks cute as as a little girl.Took me just a few minutes messing around with a photo in Photoshop to add in their faces!

Here is the original I had to work with. Lots of pretty fancy dressed up peeps in this photo!

So now Luke is a bit mad at me. I don't think he really wants to be a girl and Lexi asked if I'm adding journaling to this page to explain. Maybe I will....maybe I won't, but I bet they will pose for the photo next time!

Here is a side view of the massive silver doily I used and maybe you can see hints of red peeking through. I used a bit of red spray paint that I promplty covered with a variety of alcohol inks, gold spray and glitter.


And I thought I'd share this Hump Day Video with you peeps so you can be tortured too.


  1. Heehee....we're OVER the hump on this side of the world!!! And you are such a MEAN MUMMA........that is, I'd be a hands on the hip sour face kid if I belonged to you. And probably add a stomp or two in for good measure.....but you just might have found a sure fire way to make 'em pose next time......Oh, and that doily. SUPERB:):):)

  2. Just excuse me I am trying to work out what happened in the photo??? but anyways love the work on the dioley, and I hope you get kids that jump at the mention of a photo next time!!

  3. Haha! This made me laugh today

  4. I'm seriously about to die laughing!!! ROFLOL You taught them girl! I bet they take whatever photos you want from now on. I would! Hahaha I love that hump day commercial. It cracks me up!

  5. ROFL!!!!!!!! And stunning doily!!!

  6. I am going to share this post with my kids! Love the feather embellies.

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...OMG...awesome!!! Love that commercial so much and your last two posts with the bottle caps and the queen layouts are wonderful!!!!!!! You mix inks and metals like no other!

  8. LOL! This is awesome!! I had to look twice at the page and couldn't help smiling!! Your page looks amazing, even if the kids are less than thrilled with the results!


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