Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh So Lovely Layout for me!

We have been in the woods every free minute on the weekend cutting wood and working on trails. Excessive rain has turned our woods into a huge mushroom garden so I'm in the mood for fairies and flowers and leaves!

I guess I'm feeling organic?

Took this photo of mushrooms growing on a log the other day. Happened to be there just as the light was hitting just right and I could even see the little mushroom spores taking flight to grow more mushrooms. So pretty!

Miss Scrap Addict convinced me to give the tape you use for plastering a try. I am glad I did, but it was also because I accidentally found some while snooping around in our shop. THE MAN does not know I have lifted his tape from his stash. So, lets keep this on the down low OK?

Can you see I added some green spritz and glimmer to it? Yes, everything is truly better in my world with glitter!

Had fun with layers too and some vintage doilies snuck in!

One last photo of the little fairy image I used along with a clear acrylic dragon fly and the shimmer I added to the page!

A small shout out to Ignacio over at Nicecrane Designs as I used one of his images! I wanted it for yesterday's project, but printed it too large, so snuck it in on this page! Can you see the fairies peeking over my title?

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. This makes me want to get my hands dirty again - and I want to come and visit your woods during mushroom season!!

    Enjoy your wood collecting xx

  2. Love this page, it looks amazing!!

  3. Lookee at those mushys!!! We have tiny weeny ones here growing right now...& you've got giants growing in your woods. Incredible...glad you're using the dry wall tape...I keep trying, but it doesn't 'work' & I pull it off!!!!!!!!!

  4. This looks magical and absolutely enchanting, love the feel of the layout, and love the meshy stuff too.. pinched it from hubby you say... humm.. I won't tell him I promise...

  5. I love when you get 'organic' The LO is bouncing with pastel wonderfulness and vibrant colors as well but the most magical of it all for me..the dragonflies...AWESOME way you created the variations of those!

  6. What an amazing photo and I totally love this whimsical page you've created for it, just gorgeous!!!

  7. What a lovely Mitra page full of glitter & beautiful colours!! Wow you have done awesomely with the tape & given me an idea to paint it and also to use it like a stencil!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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