Sunday, August 25, 2013

An Explosion at Pratt Inc. and DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME

OKkkkkk, this is a very lame video. But, I actually uploaded it to YouTube and it worked so I'm calling it a win. Baby steps here with the whole video thing!

Next thing I'll figure out how to edit.  ;-)

It WOULD have been posted Friday, but it was oober large and I had to think through how blogger might want it, which was of course via YouTube and super easy.

PLUS, we spent the weekend in Canada where we did not have cell phone or wifi coverage. Got to see zebras and pet an ostrich so more on that later!

Besides something blows up. That is always a good thing in a video regardless of when it's posted.

See, Luke took Rocketry at Camp earlier this summer and came home with a cool model rocket he called SS 71 Black Thunder. It was painted black.

I say was, because he got the urge recently to blow it up. We had just built a newer better one so, perhaps that was why.

THE MAN filled it with black power and taped it up.

And, this is all that is left.

We laughed like HYENAS after it blew up. (We saw those in Canada too).

Just a little fun on a Sunday afternoon!


  1. Just a little fun... fully supervised by mature adults too I bet!!hehe!

  2. My boys used to go scavenging at the local oval after our Australia Day celebrations...then make their own 'explosives'.....luckily we live by the sea, so the sand was a good place to errrrrr 'have fun'.......glad you've got the space to do the same. Professor Luke in the making, methinks.......

  3. Sounds hilatious! Will watch it when I'm on my pc as I can't see a link here from my phone. Lusting after that giant green field you have there...


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