Monday, August 5, 2013

Purging the Woodies

When I was a kid, I used to routinely clean my room with garbage bags which would get hauled into the barn. Whatever I figured I had out grown was tossed in those bags. Barbies, puzzles, crayons, you name it. GONE.

You would think I would have out grown that.

No, not by a long shot.

Today I am stepping over piles in my home office as I decided another purge was in order.

On the chopping block are woodies (as in wooden stamps in case you are confused) and several drawers full of "alterable items" which also might be labeled junk. Don't worry, it's all going to a good home. They sort stuff like that out at the second hand store and someone will think they won lotto!

Not to mention the dogs and cats at the Potsdam Animal Shelter benefit from the profit.

I just can't hold on to stuff that is dusty and hasn't been used for a while. Too much stuff makes me feel like I'm heavy and can't move!

I did read a great article on it today that convinced me I wasn't too nuts. Check it out if you have a minute.

I do have a goal in mind. I'm working on another piece of furniture. It's not huge, but was something THE MAN and I built when we were first married to house our CDs and VHS. Since pretty much everything in our house has gone digital, it's up for grabs as far as extra storage.

I can't wait to paint it black and distress it a bit to match the rest of my furniture!

Happy Monday! Hope yours was great as mine is winding down to a close.


  1. Looks like it will be a fun project for you.

    Personally, I am terrible about ever getting rid of stuff. That's why I have to recycle it all into scrapbook embellishments--ha!

  2. Come and purge my stuff please...

    I have boxes full of crafty stuff I never use anymore but still can't quite let it go.
    maybe when we move again - ahh the dream of minimalist living.

  3. I read it...& I'm back. My family rolls their eyes, cos I'm the chucker-outter in the family...& usually I toss stuff they subsequently try to find. Woops. Most times I sneak their stuff out & they don't notice. Sometimes I HIDE stuff first, to see if they will miss it or not...but usually I find it like, a couple of years later & wonder what it's doing lurking in some hidden corner. Oops! I need to take a leaf outta your book. But for some reason, the scrap room is sacred....ish.....hence the PL for trip idea. USE the stuff before I toss, sort of theory.
    BTW, I'm still stewing over that bloke's remark the other day.....hmmmmnnnnn.....I guess I Should get Over it, eh???!!!!!!!!!! Didn't even happen to me, after all:):))

  4. I go through phases, of chucking everything out, or keeping it.... in case I need it... however I do put the clothes that shrink in my cupboard in a bag for the charities.. I know there may not be any chance of getting them to expand.. funny how they do that.....!!

  5. Been doing the same thing myself recently in my crafty area but the chucking pile seems to shrink the longer it's left in the hallway!!! Just got to shut my eyes and remember if I live to be 100 and craft every day I still have more stuff than I need. Can't wait to see the upcycled cd stores. Btw did you see Julie's fabby photo holder made with old wood block stamps? Got to make that one.

  6. Can't wait to see the makeover you give that! Good for you purging!! I'm not so good at that. Everything here is so difficult to come by and so expensive that I can't often bring myself to get rid of it...


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