Sunday, August 4, 2013

Boob Time

The other day I climbed in my jeep with two small people and THE MAN and we took a road trip. It was business for us grown ups, not pleasure. Small people were heading for fun with their old babysitters.

THE MAN had a presentation to make where we used to live for work and I wanted some face time with my coworkers.

Keep in mind I said face time and not boob time.

After five hours in the car and another hour heading further south to the office in PA, I was there!

Now, I typically have good visits. The home office pace of a dog laying on your feet, English muffins in the toaster whenever you want and not having to share a coffee pot is always good. It is however much different than in a real office where there are people barging in the door and conversations about the weekend are rampant on Mondays. Not to mention hunting season where the men get cases of Buck Fever and nothing gets done.

I do not have that extra distraction so sometimes it seems like it's taking FOREVER to get something I need which makes me grouchy. So it's always good to step back into the real office environment to get that concept back in my brain.

Upon arriving, I set up my laptop and went looking for people on my team. I rounded the corner and there was the office manager who I have worked with for going on three years and convinced our boss to hire him.

He looked me up and down and said:  Nice tan. You need to put some tape on that (pointing to my chest) have no idea what my wife's pregnancy is doing to me. 

Keep in mind I am perfectly aware my cha chas are large. In fact, I have spent the better part of three years trying to exercise them down until I realized recently that I should stop trying to reduce and just be happy with what I have. Love the Skin You are In.

Secondly, I have said my fair share of completely inappropriate things in my time working. I have not however ever commented on any one's anatomy since that is the first rule of sexual discrimination not to mention really rude.

Thirdly, the shirt I was wearing was completely appropriate for work. In fact it's one my daughter borrows from time to time. No boobage was showing.

I rolled with the comment at the time, shaking my head and saying, what is wrong with you, never seen boobs before? Should have kicked him in the nuts for making me feel weird.

Several days later I happened to look in the mirror and thought yes, they are big. Wish they were smaller and  felt revolted looking at myself. Big screeching hault in my brain ensued at that point. I realized that it wasn't my issue and I was just fine the way I was. Self sabotage gets us no where in life.

And there you have it. A small moment in my life I will likely remember forever. And a small precious life lesson. Thanks for letting me write it out. I do actually feel a lot better.

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  1. I hope you feel better having got that off your to speak!!

  2. Lizzyc took the words right out of my mouth. Oh, and yes you should have kicked him in the nuts. How dare he think he can say things like that and get away with it. I wonder what he would have said if comments had been made about the contents of his underwear - not that there would be anything to comment on. Such behaviour gets me so mad because they just don't see how awful it is.

  3. ugh on the comment - you are so right, it is his problem not yours. I have a similar sized chest and decided some time ago it is their problem not mine and try hard to stick to it... no matter how difficult some people make it :sigh:

  4. Wow, so rude. I'd have said "How about some tape on your mouth instead!"
    Glad you feel better now it's in print, now put the memory away in a locked cupboard.
    Had to look up 'buck fever' but think I got the right definition now, there's an interesting one there :D

  5. Wonder if he realises exactly what he's done with how you relate to him, too....silly goose......& just think of me with tiny boobies....I always wanted the boob job you have!!!!!! So, celebrate yourself & hopefully you'll get your chance to even the score one IS sooooo inappropriate what he said, though.........

  6. I'm delighted that writing it out has helped! Eugh, imagine being married to him. No. Don't.

  7. I can't believe he said that to you, what a pig! I'm glad that writing it down has helped x

  8. He's clearly an ass and I'm so glad you decided not to let him make you feel small (figuratively and literally I guess)! And it is his problem. (which if he keeps up, is likely to get him fired)

  9. Kick to the nuts would have been perfect. Loving this article! Thanks for the reminder to love the skin you're in! Sometimes it's easy to get sucked into the idea of perfection. good to see you last week! :)

  10. Gosh - how strange - awkward!! Nothing wrong with big boobs and no need to poin t them out unless you were flaunting them which you certainly weren't. I would have probably said something like 'Excuse me - that's very rude!" But I know at the time it's not so easy when you are caught off guard. Don't worry about it - I've had similar comments myself - God made us good!

  11. I would have kicked him in the nuts! Argh! Some people are just so stupid. Even if you were completely inappropriately dressed he had no right to comment. I hate being caught unawares and shocked like that and not having a great answer on the spot. I am glad that writing out the story has made you feel better.


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