Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pachamama Layout for Scrap4Help

Always a sucker for really pretty paper...imagine my delight when I lightened this photo of Machu Picchu and printed it over top of my pretty patterned paper....and it looked so cool!

I also was overjoyed to be making a layout for Peru! I am only half way through my album from that trip and it's almost been a year!

See, there is a challenge up over at ScrapForHelp that made me think of Peru so I was inspired.

The coolest tea I have in my cupboard is from Peru. Keep in mind I did not say best tasting....Coca tea helps in altitude sickness, when your belly hurts from eating too much good food and also when you are dog tired from being a tourist. I mean honestly they have been using it for thousands of years in Peru, but I am only going off personal experience here!

It is a lighter brewing tea so I was interested to see how it would dye up some cheese cloth. It turned the cloth an off-white so I added a bit of green ink to give a little more dimension. My page now smells like Coco tea though...a green leafy smell if you will. ;-)

The little pops of hot pink are pop tops I used to loop the gauze over! Love recycling things like that!

Check out the recycled flowers I made. I had a huge metal doily I cut up the other day for a layout and the inner circle needed to be used up too!

Punched some flowers out, folded them and then used some alcohol inks to give them a stained look.

I usually drop on glitter at the same time so it dries into the ink. Everything is better with glitter. In fact, I noticed today I was wearing some on my face by accident so I feel all pretty too! ;-)

You can also see the edge of a very old vintage doily peeking out. Imagine how happy I was to find THOSE at the second hand store.

Last but not least, my title:  Pachamama is a goddess worshiped by the indigenous peeps in the Andes. I am told it translates best to Mother World. I missed the little ceremony our tour guide did with coca leaves as my Mom and I were hiking to the Sun Gate, but my Dad told us how cool it was. Trying to capture that idea and the whole feeling of the place on the paper.

Happy Thursday! We are inching towards the weekend!


  1. I'm in awe. The image printed on the patterned paper = IncREDible!! Always a thrill to play find the recycled items on your LO's Mitra. And par for the course, you did not fail me. I LOVE all your nick nacks here and there and the beautiful flowers and tea dyed cheesecloth with a splash o' green. Beautiful work portraying your fabulous trip.

  2. This looks amazing, the photo printed onto your paper looks fabulous, and your photo is very reflective.. what were you thinking? fabulous flowers too!!

  3. Wow! How clever are you? that looks really incredible...great pic of you...the views must have been gobsmacking......& that little heart is really sweet, vintage bargain hunter-gatherer!!! Oh..& using the tea from the place you're scrapping about? SImply can't get better than that:):)

  4. Your printing is such a cool idea and I love the vintage doily! Thank you for playing along with Scrap for Help.

  5. Wow again what an amazing page and the photo is wonderful. You look like Mother Earth herself with that striking pose. Could do with some of that Coca tea myself. lol Envious of your 12"x12" printer which you used to for the cool background.

  6. Awesome LO - thanks so much for playing along this month at S4H!

  7. Awesome recycling! I also like how you printed on th patterned paper.

  8. Such pretty details here Mitra!! You are working that new printer to perfection!!

  9. Awesome page! Thank you for playing along with Scrap for Help.

  10. This looks great!!
    I am in love with South-America and love the effect of your photo.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us at Scrap for Help!


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