Friday, July 19, 2013

the long terms effect of cooking-guest post by Lexi

I think she is like her mama, something upsets her she has to write it out...anyhow, here is a small story from Lexi written today after the great cooking tragedy of 2013

So I sit here typing up this story as I usually might… except for the fact that everyone is hot. And I don’t mean summer hot as we have an air conditioning system. (Lucky us right?) But not only is everyone hot but our oven is on a cleaning cycle (you know when it gets REALLY hot and burns all the crusty stuff off?) and there is the smell of smoke in the house making everyone’s eyes and thoughts burn.

Now let me tell you how all of this has to do with the long terms effect of cooking…

This is one of those stories that are awful during the moment but later you look back at them and laugh at yourself or others once the moment has been lived through. So today I decided to make brownies for the famous people of the Pratt household… aka me, my brother, mom, and dad… now you don’t have to be SUPER COOK to figure out what went wrong. I looked at the box and it said 24 to 26 minutes in the oven. My thought process “ok I’ll put it in for the lesser time and check it then. If it’s not done ill just put it back in.” THAT’S WHEN IT ALL WENT WRONG! The timer beeped and I took it out and stuck a toothpick in to check if it was done. “Nope not even CLOSE” I thought so I went to put it back in and…



Of course not on purpose but if you believe in karma… I (and the whole house) got what came around. We put the oven on clean so to burn off all that access brownie just when a storm decided to rain all over our (brownie murdering) parade… literally. 

This meant that the windows could not be opened. We all got the memo about the whole down pouring and super wind a little late. Resulting in a favorite bottle of Mom's to get broken (courtesy of Mr.Super Wind) and a bunch of brownie murdering grumps. Now we had to live with the smoke, clean up broken glass, AND go brownie-less… nonetheless of course that’s all over now and I took what was left of my poor brownie and ate it with a scoop of ice cream and peanut butter. So I can’t say ALL is bad...

Note from the Mom in the story:  It totally smelled like brownie-ass and still does....and I'm resolving to buy the treats from the store here on out. Twinkies are back thankfully...sounds like a good plan to me and doesn't involve the oven!


  1. LOL! Fabulous post! There is not much worse than the smell of the oven self-cleaning...

  2. Oh Lexi I'm so sorry!! What a shame!!! I am known as the "cajun" cook in my household as I burn plenty myself! Here we have "home industry stores" where good bakers sell their wares. We buy our brownies there now instead!! And we also get Twinkies but ours are called Tinkies!! I love those too!!!

  3. What a catastrophic ordeal! That situation went from bad to worse in heart beat and who would of thought that Mother Nature would throw in a curve ball too! I'm certain given any other day, your brownies would have turned out to perfection (the entire tray, even) and the famous people of the Pratt house would have dined to their heart's content on chocolate bliss!
    I would just like to say that I'm happy that Twinkies saved the day temporarily AND another thank you from Missouri for saving the day at our house too!!!! Ya'll are the best. ;)
    Lisa xx


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