Monday, July 8, 2013

Only One Scrapbook Layout for Scrap For Help

Was having a little play the other day with some bubble wrap, inks, and a copper paper ring I had been hording for ages. I honestly was figuring it was destined for the garbage until I came up with the idea of cutting it into fours and embossing each smaller piece. Of course adding some patina paint made me even happier! Black staples to help keep it together!

Thought I'd make a page for Shirley my bestest neighbor.

She always brings me coffee which is top notch.

The bubble wrap is a new one for me. I've seen lots of people use it and just never have tried it. It may be because I am hoarding my stash for packages. I did find a nice 12 by 12 sheet that I decided to try inking up.

Huge thanks for Scrap For Help on helping me jump on the bubble wrap band wagon!

In the spirit of more bubble wrap usage, I popped some and placed it under my main photo of Shirley's rose. 

I love the little fussy cut rose I added at the bottom.

It's from Ignacio's store Nice Crane Designs and all of the flowers in his digital download are amazing!

Just one more photo looking across my page and a little story about this rose bush. Earlier this spring Shirley and I were complaining about roses bushes we both had that died all the way back to roots. She said that she had one that only produced one flower each year due to it dying back. Well, if you take a good peek at her rose, looks like she is getting a few more than just one this year!

Hope your Monday is terrific! Mine is rainy, but that might be why Shirley is getting extra blooms!


  1. Fascinating Scrap layout Mitra. love everything here,,,,,,your background is perfect my friend,,,and your stunning flower picture,,,,,waht a colorful one,,,,,,,,,,,and all over I am surprise by the way you used my cute rose at top bottom, waht creative you are Thanks for sharing Mitra.

  2. I love this page, Mitra. Thanks for making it for me, totally awesome.

  3. Lucky Shirley!!! And that copper with those colours......YUUUUUM:):):):) I'm glad you didn't toss it out!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow, Mitra, very special, love it!!

  5. This is gorgeous! I love how you used the copper ring, and the bubble wrap effect looks wonderful!

  6. WOW! Very special indeed!! That circle is magnificent!!!


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