Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Camp Colby: Lexi's Layout

So, when we sent the kids to camp recently, it was minus any electronic devices. Both camps had that rule.

I totally got why, I mean, keeping track of small people is way more important than a silly camera that has fallen in the lake. So, being the person who craves photos, they went with those little film cameras you have to get developed somewhere.

Dropped the little cameras off at Walmart the next day upon their arrival home due to small peeps saying hurry get these developed we can't wait to see our photos!

Did not know they had to get sent to the far side of the moon and would take weeks to get back. I am being sarcastic, but they just called to tell me they were in.

Patience is not a strong suit for me!

Anyhow, I had to make this page with a photo I took five minutes before we left Lexi at camp in front of her bunk Whiteface. The bunk houses were all named after Adirondack Mountains. THE MAN stayed in Haystack when he was a kid.

Here is a side view of all the dimension. I love that background paper I used. Lexi loves brights and colors so was trying to reflect her personality a bit.

Another side view so you can peek and see my banner with it's little curl & double sided paper!  Also used part of a sheet of those cardboard arrow stickers in different spots.  Just cut up the clear plastic and stuck them down.

Lots of shimmer to this page and I love those flowers I glittered up a bit that came from Helen.

Can't wait to see what other photos I have to work with!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. This looks great! Love the texture from your masking, those flowers look fabulous.. a wonderful camp memory!

  2. Hope you HAVE lots of good ones....it's a bit of lottery...& feel like going back to those dark, dim years...remember taking photos & then realising there was no FILM in the camera???LOL.....LOVE the bright pp...those arrows are divine & most of all that bg texture...is that your big doily...scrumptiousness at it's best:):)

  3. Love the story behind the story if you get what I mean! A gorgeous bright page to go with the photo of a equally gorgeous and bright girl. Love the peach and turquoise colour theme too.

  4. Lovely bright page for Lexi!! LOVE the doily masking & glittery bits!! We have the same rule here so I always send the kids with a little disposable camera instead but am finding them harder & harder to find these days...

  5. I think of all of this post, the coolest thing is that she is at the same camp as her dad went to! I love that!!! What cool familial memories to share. You've done an awesome job there Mom with reflecting her love of colors as well. It's incredible with the photo and the fun you've pulled together.
    Having a blast being on your blog again and looking at the glorious box of Twinkies from New York as well. :D We decided even the box is cooler from your parts. Way cooler design and deeper blues even. The things artsy fartsy people notice! I think it makes them taste better too. :)

  6. Love the bright colors and the texture! The arrows going in different directions gives the sense of busyness that I'm sure she had while at camp! Fantastic layout!!


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