Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blossoming & Chick Pics

To mess with me (I found this out at a later date) THE MAN asked me where the little heart ornament went that hung in the bathroom. The very fact he noticed anything that was a decoration blew my mind. I may have stuttered in fact.

I had been contemplating a small project with my little favorite quote until he said it would hurt his brain if it looked any different than it did now. Like I'd ruin it. ;-) And he said he looked at it every time he started to...and then I stopped him. Marriage is better with less sharing sometimes and bathroom exploits are on the top of that list.

To give you some background, I purchased this little heart years and years ago at a craft show in Vermont and it has followed us bathroom to bathroom.

I personally read the quote on a bad hair day or on one of those days where I mistakenly burn my forehead with a curling iron and think crawling back to bed is a better option than facing the world. I also read it when I have to go be a rat bastard to someone at work and it makes me feel slightly better. I mean, I am getting paid to be one sometimes, it just isn't a task I relish.

My favorite part of the quote though is just quietly doing the right thing. Blossoming, if you will without expecting anything back from the world.

Sian over at From High in the Sky has the most unassuming way of blogging (you should check out her chick pics, they are cracking me up and sorry to use a word that reminds one of an egg...but it was intentional). She hosted Story Telling Sunday for a few years and randomly thanks to Google, a guy is now going to publish my Dad's stories about Peace Corps in his newsletters. We were sharing his stories on her blog because it was a lovely happy place with good things to read.

I have a little package to send over THE POND to her in thanks. Can you hook me up with your addy, Sian! And accept a huge thanks from my peeps here!

Happy Hump Day and yes, the little heart is hung back up in the throne!


  1. Congratulations on your father's publications. His stories are ALWAYS entertaining. You two share the flair for penmanship. As for the heart in the throne.. it seems all so encompassing when it comes to sorts of inspiration....

  2. That is GREAT news for your Daddy-o, & off to check out Sian's if the 500 I follow now is not enough [well, slight exaggeration!!!!]....& I am SOOO glad you didn't 'mess' with The Quote..even tho DH sorta 'messed' with your head:):) It's a fab one, & so, sooooo something to remind ourselves of.....have a lovely day...we're over the hump here, but you're still snoozing it off, I imagine:):)

  3. That is a lovely quote and so glad you haven't had a huge domestic over moving it from your little room,

  4. LOL! Well you have not ruined it at all - it is blooming gorgeous now & I just love that quote too!! Re your emails I have them & have not responded :( So sorry - been offline for over a week & prior to that hubs was away. I shall dig for it & forward to him next week Tuesday to pay you asap. Perfect timing for us as I got to wrap the goodies & leave them with Chelsea to open on her birthday in a few weeks :)


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