Monday, April 28, 2014

Nothing But Blue Skies Card for THE CUTTING CAFE

I made a card for ME! I was in quite the state yesterday.

Head was swirling from visiting 17 houses over two days. Moving 5 hours south means long car rides to stew in both directions! 

Some of the houses were unoccupied so had the distinct smell of yuck. Others were lived in hard and were pig turdish. One lady had carefully prepared her home for us and had candles burning and lamps lit. I wish to send her a thank you across the blog-o-sphere for taking the whole home showing thing seriously and not leaving her laundry in the living room for me to step over. Seriously amazing job...wish I could buy something based on how clean and lovely smelling it was!

Anyhow, the sentiment on the card is a bit of a joke to myself. 

I know better than to expect this whole process to be peachy. Having moved once before, it was the best it could be for what it was. 

However, as you scroll through house listings, it's easy to day dream!

Wanted a dreamy water color feel for my background to match the lovely tulip! That tulip & the cut card base is the best!

Regina hooked me up with her TULIP CARD SET from over at THE CUTTING CAFE and I've had plans of making this card for a while. I also made a few other little cards with the same file that I'll be back to show you soon. It was too windy outside today to photograph little cards. 

Happy Monday! Hope yours has a sparkle to it!


  1. Whoa....this is the hard part, eh. the selling & looking for something to replace & having the 'foresight' to see what it COULD be......& I thought the blue skies were alluding to your photographing with BLUE SKIES in the bg!!!! Symbolic, anyways...tulips always do me in. Love 'em. Just wish they smelt as good as they looked & They all looked as good as yours:):)

  2. Wow ! I loved this card..somewhat different but beautiful..those tulips n sky bg look fab together :) All the best for your search..!

  3. Oh I can remember looking at houses and then land when we were moving 25 years ago.. it is tiring, and some places just needed a bull dozer through them.. so I do wish you all the best with your moving.. Your card is lovely, I love the big flower and your paint looks fabulous.. At least the card looked like fun to create.. take care..

  4. first of all your such a sweetie to make a card for them....secondly what a beautiful card it is bright and cheerful...HAPPY HOUSE HUNTING....

  5. It is a truly lovely card. I love the watercolor look of it. I wish you blue skies as you house hunt. NOT easy, I know. But you will know when you find not just a house, but a home.

  6. Pig turdish....LOL. STILL laughing over that phrase and your text!!!


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