Friday, April 11, 2014

Creepy Gold Legged Chooks

I usually have a display on the top of my hutch. Mainly for my own entertainment purposes since I am not sure THE MAN ever looks at it or cares.

Today I have out my Stove Pipe Trim Mirror, those crazy white chickens (chooks for your Aussies) I got on a recent Junking Trip, various frames, a silver tray that hangs out there a lot, and a couple of new projects.

The crazy chooks have been given spray painted gold legs in an effort to make them look less real and creepy. My oldest came home after school one day and was upset to find chickens on her kitchen counter until she realised they were not real. She says they are still creepy!

Lexi also says these little white love birds that came home in the same batch of stuff from the second hand store are also creepy despite their new gold nest with pearls and Prima vine. 

She however has no issue with the gold spray painted bottom on this mushroom. ;-)

One of my favorite weird pieces on display are the naked baby candlesticks. It's real brass and not honestly all that pretty. FUGLY as THE MAN would put it. After cleaning it, I gave it a coat of patina so it wasn't quite so bad. Here's a before shot.

I'm off tomorrow to do a bit more Lent!

Wish me luck, I'm handing out these at the store tomorrow. Little seed packets to usher in spring!

Happy Friday!



  1. I spy the ribbon! And wishing you luck - not that you'll need it....I think the Locals will be sad when Lent comes to an end, this year.....!!!! And I reckon those chooks are MAGICAL.....creepy my foot! Love your love birds too...but I think I'd be with the Man re the candlesticks, & of COURSE you KNOW I'm going to say the mushys are....magic mushys:):):) Loooved the peek at your 'fun place/space':):):)

  2. Love these lovely things!!! the chooks and the magic mushroom are great, I am glad to see another person with an "edge" to her craft, Happy Easter!!!

  3. You are too funny, I think those golden legs are the coolest chicks : )
    Fun things.... the pretty dyed ribbons are to die for!

  4. Gold legs hey! They look opulent! Hehe! Looks like you had a good time with the gold! And the candlesticks look fabulous too! Happy lent giving!

  5. I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love. I think your combination of elements, old new, bought and golden through and through are PERFECT! I am geeking out over here on the candlestick. The patina you put on that is incredible. I think it's a fabulous Easter display and nothing looks creepy, to me anyway. Love your electric decorating and mixing of unique and wonderful finds. :)

  6. I don't find them creepy. I love your display!


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