Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sturdy Scalloped Egg Goodie Box for Kya & THE CUTTING CAFE

Somebunny little is getting a treat box! Kya is the grandbaby of BEST NEIGHBOR IN THE WORLD Shirley and I thought I'd pass this fancy little box next door for sending off with something yummy.

Let me let you in on a little secret. The whole top is not actually scalloped. I cut it out of cardboard on my Silly cutter and then glued two pieces together. I then placed those double thick layers in an embossing folder to use with my Big Shot. The BS cutter proceeded to be a BIG SHOT WIMP and opted out of the situation. Hence only the very top and the very bottom are actually embossed. Well, I had to try it again, right? I am so hard on things! ;-) You can see the edge of the top below.

The instructions that come with the Egg Goodie Box over at THE CUTTING CAFE actually suggest four pieces of cardstock glued together. The instructions that I read after I made the box. 

I also used cardboard on the sides, but cut the thinner stripped paper out first and just used it over top of the cardboard. I figured a little person needed a sturdy treat box. We'd hate for those treats to escape!

This little box also has feet. COPPER recycled feet that I dug out of THE MAN'S hardware stash. Aren't they cute? I have four more I am hoarding just like them. 

Hope you enjoyed this box! Plenty of time to make one for someone special in your life! 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK this is over the top awesome...EVEN after NOT reading the instructions...hahahaha....you rock girl

  2. WOW it is fantastic. I know Kya will just love it. Thanks a bunch.

  3. Just love these pretty baskets, will have to pop over to the site for a pattern, love the flowers and bunnies too!!!

  4. Fabulous Easter box! Your neighbour will love it I am sure!

  5. The Bunny are so adorable ! I loved the pretty blooms makes the shaped box look fab !

  6. I'm glad to know someone else assembles, struggles, then finds the instructions. Your box is awesome! I'm loving those feet on it!

  7. This is beautiful!! I love it!


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