Monday, April 14, 2014

Configuration Box from THE CUTTING CAFE & Nicecrane Design Images

Eeeek! This box makes me so happy! And I made the WHOLE THING MYSELF as I cut all the pieces for the box and assembled them!

Yes, I have proof!

I wanted it super sturdy since I was planning on displaying it on the wall with that black glittery metal scallop so I folded the edges in half and stapled them. Then I stapled the whole thing together and used tissue paper and modge podge to cover up all the edges. A coat of gesso with some brown mist completed the process. I knew I was going to gesso it, so used some extra cardstock I had in this mustard color. :-)

The blue edge is a larger sized box that you cut and then use to nest all your boxes in. I painted the smaller boxes first and then added the blue box after it was dry. I used hot glue and glitter to further seal the edge. 

One of my favorite parts of this box is the crazy hand made bird nest at the top paired up with a white Birch stick. Has to be a robin's nest, those loopy birds will build their nests anywhere!

The configuration boxes are very simple to cut as Regina at the Cutting Cafe has them numbered with very clear instructions & a diagram. Of course, they are normally much deeper than mine since mine are folded.

Deeper ones mean you can add all kinds of cool little trinkets & found items. I am thinking about one like that in my future!

I knew I wanted to show case some really pretty graphic files I got recently from Nicecrane so that was the second reason I folded down the sides. The French Post Cards Mixed Media images are AMAZING! Nice job Ignacio!

Here is a bit of a side view so you can see more of the blue edge and a little of the drippy hot glue that has been sprayed a bit with some gold. 

And a close up of the images:

They are really quite lovely!

Huge thanks to Regina and Ignacio for some great products!

Happy Monday!


  1. Looooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeee it, so colorful, so vibrat color combo, so creative one,,,,,,i am happy you enjoy working with my poducts my friend,,, I habe just post also in my blog,,

  2. Seriously AWESOME!!! You would never in a million years know that this started out as yellow cardstock...INCREDIBLE!!! :D

  3. Wow wow wow!! This is amazing! I loveeeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!

  4. you are one amazing designer much it

  5. This is super AWESOME ! The fact that you have created the shadow box / display from scrach makes it even more fab .Gesso ..tissue wonderful textures n lovely images !! I loved the nest too :D !

  6. Wow this is awesome! You clever creator of awesome things.. this looks amazing and I love the birds nest on the top as well as each little box is lined with lovelyness.. well done...


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