Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Duke The Wonderdog Embroidery Hoop Art for THE CUTTING CAFE

Somewhere in my travels though elementary school (I am thinking it was 6th grade, but I cannot be certain) we were assigned pen pals. I got a girl named Karen Johnson. I recall thinking it was stinkin' cool to be writing to someone in a DIFFERENT SCHOOL.

Hey, now I write to people in different countries, but at the time it was one of the best parts of the week and quite exotic.

I still know Karen, do you believe it?  We are facebook buddies after all these years.

I was digging around this huge tote I had for the photos I used on a layout I am posting tomorrow when I came across this Polaroid of Duke. I was pretty sure it was Karen's dog. Snapped a quick photo to confirm it was indeed her pooch.

Judging by her quests for yarn, she is also a crafter so I decided to use a bright pink embroidery hoop with burlap, and added some vintage buttons.

The stars of the piece (besides the Wonderdog Himself) are Mikala Anne & Elisha Jean. These Big Girl Elisha Jean and Friends printables from the Cutting Cafe size up to 6 inches. They also come with a girl wearing a dress and one with overalls so they are very twinny if you choose to print the same image with two different outfits. Or make one bigger and one a wee bit smaller! So cute!

A quick shout out to fellow crafting & DT buddy Lisa at You Made Me Ink who shared these bingo cards & hand made flowers with me. I am linking up to her project as her girls have strawberry pants and are adorable! She also used one of her bingo cards!

I can't wait to send this to Karen! Hope she enjoys it!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh cute layout, love the girls!! and poor doggy sitting in the snow!!

  2. This is FABULOUS!! LOVING the kids and the love chippie!!!!

  3. Love the story, so glad you two pen pals are still in touch. The girls are really cute, I am especially loving those leaves, are they TIm Holtz?

  4. Ohh so sweet ...I loved the two pen friends...:) !

  5. they are soooooooooooo STINKIN CUTE.......I use to have a pen pal at one time to...boy the fun those days were....now kids have SOCIAL PALS...ugh.......writing with your bare hands is almost NEXT TO NONE...:(

  6. Mitra I just love this. And I love we're still in touch all these years later. (eep!)
    And I have to tell you...as the child of a Bingo-holic, I LOVE the bingo
    card there in the background! How appropriate!.

  7. Now THAT is super duper COOL! I tell ya...what a fantastic memory and the way you pulled that 2 of hearts in there too...love that idea. The hoop is adorable and I'm so glad the Bingo card worked out..LOL..who knew? There's a psychic connection to us all, or is that psychotic..gosh I never can remember...
    Your girls are precious!! :D


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