Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rockin' Robin & the Rock Star Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

At the start of this semester in school, our Lexi starting learning guitar in Music. Randomly (we are not a musical family) she really started enjoying herself.

She declared she was earning up for a guitar.

Lexi does not take money lightly.

We started taking her seriously when she started shopping Craig's List for a used guitar.

Now, we do live in a musical town. Very musical as in the local college is known for The Crane School of Music and if you shop real estate listings around here you'll come across people with music rooms in their house. Which also means there is a huge store downtown who specialize in helping people purchase instruments.

THE MAN suggested nicely that a cheap guitar would be a waste of money and that perhaps they should go take a peek at some at Northern Music.

She opted for this lovely acoustical guitar and has set about mastering Rockin' Robin which she now knows by heart. We have spent the last month listening to her practice and self teach herself. We offered lessons, but really she is content to pick up her guitar daily, sometimes multiple times daily and just play.

A friend of hers got grounded for not practicing (see told you we take music seriously around here) so perhaps she just doesn't want to turn something fun into a chore.

I usually try to reserve design team layouts at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge for pages about me as I am working on an album, but this layout couldn't wait.

Anne provided us with a sketch to use. Being so super simple, it was easy for me to jump off and go to town, hence the wings, drips, raised plaster, flicks of paint, and mixed media look! I also snuck in an extra guitar pick and some purple tattered flowers from Helen over at Scrap Addict. I pulled a Helen trick and cut one in half. She is always doing clever flower extending tricks like that.

I used gold spray paint on my wings. I probably will continue to use it on every single project from here on out until I use up the can....

It has a great shine here in this photo where we have real sun & no snow! I know, can you believe it!

Hope your Tuesday is going fantastic and you have a bit of shine to your day!

Come play with us over at AFSC!


  1. Wow wow wow!! This is gorgeous! LOVING the colors and those wings!!!!!!!!

  2. Mitra - I just love your creations - they always make me happy - and this one makes me really happy!!! Loving your colours, and the joy of the layout!! xoxoxoxo

  3. Loooooove.....that MM background is amazing!!!!! And the wings....they look delish...& I'm really happy for Lexie that she's 'digging' the guitar!!!!

  4. Wow!! lovely layout.. i love the painted wings ..They look cool.. :)

  5. I'm biased with approval as I am nicknamed Bird and so I find Rockin' Robin aptly fitting for a first song and the fact that she is self taught...FANTABULOUS. Lexi, you are one amazing young lady!
    Beautiful LO Mitra. That's a rather genius way of stretching a flower's usefulness.

  6. I loved the textured and colorful bg most on this page !!

  7. Love the colour explosion and Texture. How lovely to play the guitar, I would love to be able to play anything ! good on Lexi


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