Monday, April 7, 2014

Salt & Pepper Shaker Vases with Paper Flowers

So last Friday I talked about a recent junkin' trip I took to Best Friends which is now run by the Potsdam Humane Society.

They kindly sold me 8 little salt and pepper shakers minus the caps for 25cents and asked me nicely if I was SURE I wanted them!

Never under estimate a girl with gold spray paint and twine! AND one who knows how to use both items wisely!

I also enjoyed making these accordian bloom flowers with little sayings. U Rock is my favorite!

I dropped these off Saturday at their open house so they could gift them to the volunteers working that day.

It was my Lent-capade for the week! Some things I've done recently involved dropping school supplies off to our local schoolsending Happy Mail to some scrapbookerspassing handmade soap out at the post office, handing out flowers at the grocery store, and dropping a box of chocolates off at school during testing week to go in the teacher's lounge!

Hope your Monday is fantastic!

P.S. THEY HAD KITTENS at their open house. I did not even LOOK at the kittens which also means no photographs of kittens, but it's better to be safe than sorry. THE MAN would have locked me out of the house. 


  1. They look fabulous! Love the little gold tops on the jars.....soooo sweet!!!!! And I'm glad you didn't get locked outta the house!!!

  2. Ohhhhhhh these are sooooooo awesome!! I love love love love the colors! Pinning!!!!!

  3. Yes the girl has rocked once again !! I loved how you have upcycled the shakers,vibrant colors and I too loved the accordian bloom flowers

  4. Never under estimate what YOU can do with anything for that matter! hehe!! These look happy bright and would lift the spirits of anyone who got one! well done on your random acts of kindness, I hope they come back to you in many special blessings!!


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