Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Anniversary Card in A Box Set from THE CUTTING CAFE

I really LOVED making this Card in a Box!

I am anxious to try my hand at one again as they are so much fun!

Sending a HUGE THANKS to Regina over at THE CUTTING CAFE for this fabulous file! It also comes with embellishments that you can use to decorate your card! I printed out the Happy Anniversary from the file and it was super quick to add to my card!

I picked heavy stuff to add to mine, which is why I had to weigh it down with little feet! I built a bottom for mine & added nuts that were sprayed gold!   My card is stationary but her file is meant to allow the inside decorations to slide up and down. Which is exactly why I want to try it again with things that aren't quite so heavy like brass key dragonflies & sparkly gem leaves!

They are super duper pretty though! They match the little metal piece I used on the front!

My parents have the coolest pond ever and I always enjoy the dragonflies, so I thought they would make a nice addition to their card! They will be be celebrating their anniversary next week!

Huge congrats to them!

I tried adding THREE dragonflies to this card, but settled on two due to the weight. My spare dragonfly is down front of the this card. and I have big plans to use it elsewhere this week!

Hop on over to THE CUTTING CAFE and check out her files! 

Hope your Monday is fantastic!


  1. Mitra........................omg omg omg omg omg....this is by far amazing...i am loving the feet, this is truly a work of it

  2. This is amazing, they are sure to love it..

  3. Love your "card in a box" they are so much fun to make, thanks for sharing!

  4. How cool is that metallic dragon flies..You have given a very interesting twist to box card Mitra !! I just loved the metallic embellishments !

  5. You seriously made a dragonfly out of a key??? Am I seeing that right? OMG!!! Has your brain been tested? It should be! That's about the coolest thing I've seen since I saw something else that was cool....
    Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad from me too!!

  6. OMGEEEEEEEE!!!!! This is just ridiculous in a great way lol! I love it!

  7. Mitra, you have made an amazing card in a box! I loooooove your dragonflies!


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