Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Last Bit O' Junkin' & Fugly Owl

Well, by now things are likely really not fun. In theory they are putting our things on the trucks for delivery down South for unpacking on Friday. I had to of course add a couple of last items to the pile.

Send me to the second hand store with our old stuff and don't expect me to home home with a treasure or two? Yes, not possible.

THE MAN had some choice words to say about the owl. What can I say! I saw on a pin on pinterest where someone spray painted something similar white...just because all the white paint is packed....

Lexi and I played a bit with the spirograph. Anyone else beside me have one of these as a kid? I loved it. Always lost the littlest of the circles though.

I think it should make a come back personally....and you may just see a spirograph on a page of mine soon when I get my things unpacked & creativity starts to flow again!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Happy moving.. and I am with your man.. the owl is ugly.. sorry owl.. you need some renovating.. and you have come to the right place.. look forward to seeing what you do to it..hehe!

  2. I loveeeeee that owl and I had that game growing up!!!!

  3. I've been fixated with owls lately. They are back in the stores in droves lately and yes, they are all white. I have a feeling this will make a lovely addition to your new home.

  4. p.s....LOVED my Spirograph and colored pens.

  5. Can't wait to see the finished owl, and yes the Spirograph was fun. I'm with you, it should make a comeback.

  6. I always wanted the spirograph...but couldn't afford it! We were poor......& I must admit, I LOOOOVE Mr Owl just how he is ....that translucent style glaze is yum!!! Hoping you're almost about to be settled into your new home soon:) May the sun shine brightly for your unpacking days ahead:):)


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