Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Technicolor Trio of Tempting Treats Week 6: Pratt Inc. Blocks

Yesterday I showed you my fireplace. Yes, I am beyond excited about having one and I wanted to make something PRETTY for ours.

THE MAN was on board for helping me. IN fact, he quite cabably cut these blocks for me WITH GROOVES even! Check out my before photo! The light colored block is sanded but not spritzed with mist yet, but you can kinda see what they started out like.

And, you can also see my very small & very old block that served as a model for my large blocks!

Lisa (QUIRKS) & Sue (ONION) are my partners in crime for these treats and we have several requirements to meet on THIS LAST CHALLENGE!

  • Altered Boxes or ATB’s
  • Wings
  • Game pieces
  • Seasonal display-Pick any Season you like
Now the last time I made altered trading boxes, I used paper and THE MAN made fun of me for hours.

He offered to let me cheat and to cut them out of wood. PLEASE don't tell Regina...honestly though, I am not sure wood is any easier as there is all that sanding!

And sanding dries out your hands unlike working with paper and hot glue!

There was some sanding on my GINORMOUS P but only to make sure both pieces of wood were even that I cut out to make the P shape. I then spent a good hour adding the metal tape that I embossed overtop. True labor of LOVE right there! 

Check out that key dragonfly with the crystal head. I seriously LOVE THOSE! A great way to get "wings" on your project!

Love this metal piece too that I added some of the Ragner Patina too. That stuff sticks so nicely to metal and I really dig the color!

So I didn't use game pieces, but I made my own blocks so I am calling that requirement met! Seasonal was a bit harder, but can we think of this as a nice spring green with dragonflies that emerge in the Spring? Ok, so it's a stretch!

And one more photo for SCALE! These are pretty big!

Can't wait to try them out!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Just came from Lisa's blog and wanted to see what you came up with for the challenge. This is awesome! I love the embossing on the P and your blocks look terrific! You definitely have a spring theme going and I would count your INC as scrabble tiles... Just sayin'!!

  2. I promise I WON'T TELL REGINA......this project is so ..............AMAZING......

  3. Hello M.
    Wow, and Wow again, love it, love the idea of the key with the wings, that is a favourite, you really stretched your imagination and came up trumps with this creation to meet all requirements, your ideas are off the scale and it is wonderful, goodness what part of the brain is used to think up such things, I need to find it! Thank you for being part of these Challenges M, I have enjoyed the last 6 weeks tremendously.

  4. O' freakin' A, MADE that P?? I'm so freaking impressed!! (Read that sentence out of context and it's quite another thing....)
    I honestly thought you bought it and now I'm ecstatic with your project. That looks so incredible and I can already envision it on the mantel...WOO HOO!!
    Most awesome of awesome jobs and it has truly been a blast holding my breath until I saw your next creation!!!
    LOVE IT!!

  5. Yeowee--- it is gorgeous, and it will look fantastic on that fireplace. You always have such great ideas, I think your creative brain never stops.:)

  6. Stupendously amazing! LOOOVE the embossed metal tape - I was wondering about that effect....& those Ranger colours....delish! This is one fabulous project....well done!!!

  7. Love your glorious grooved and groovy blocks, and the textured P is a stunner. What fun it's been seeing all three of you creating amazing projects over the last few weeks. Thank you for all the inspiration.
    Alison xx

  8. WOW those are pretty darn cool! I love the Patina colours & have lusted after them for ages. Perfect for you with the tape & embossing. A definite labour of love but so you & so awesome!!


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