Tuesday, June 24, 2014

You Tuber Video of My Old Studio

Eeek! I can't even watch this. It's super cute. Lexi did a great job. I am just such a freak! It's terrible quality which is the result of using an iphone. But TIME was of essence!

Plus, if the moving crew is done with the garage, they have moved onto the house and this lovely little crafting place of mine looks nothing like it does in the video!

Enjoy & Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh thank you for the tour of your crafty space.. it looks wonderful..

  2. It was FABULOUS - the black done up furniture looks great 'in situ'--- well, in situ no longer I guess.....& your glitter collection is STUNNING!!!

  3. Sooo fun! Kinda sad, but exciting all the same :D Love how organized you are!!!

  4. Go, Lexi! She's very clever :) I had a lot of fun watching this. Thanks for letting us have a peep

  5. Thanks for showing us your super crafting space, you are super organised!!! Sad to leave it, but your next space will be super too!!! happy crafting


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