Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hoot Hoot! New Challenge at LESSology!

I first spotted owls on Pinterest made from a variety of recycled materials. I pinned them and wanted my own. In fact, I swiped the pin from fellow teamie Julie!

When I found the metal clock face in a bin for free at the second hand store, I started planning my owl! I knew our challenge this month was to include an animal in our project and I wanted my project to BE an animal.

The silver tray was also a second hand store find and the clock face fit in it perfectly.

The metal ears were once part of a heart tart pan that I took apart. The metal base is the owl body that was covered with embossed copper & painted. Some vintage lace covers the top.

Of course, I bet you can guess what the eyes are made out of! Canning jar lids, rusty washers, and a crystal eye ball!

I am pretty sure the ones I spotted on Pinterest were meant to be hung in your garden, but mine is hanging out in my studio with me. The paper flowers don't lend themselves to being placed outside, but I really loved the addition of the rolled roses!

Love the patten and color they add!

And what owl isn't complete with a birch stick to hold on to and some bow ties!

Hope you get a chance to play along with us over at LESSology! Upcycling is a HOOT!


  1. Now you are just showing off!! This is so cute, and you are the clevererest.. I love your owl!! well done!

  2. Well 'owl be' darned if this isn't a hoot of a project. From his ears to his talons, pure upcycled perfection!

  3. I loveeeeeeeeee this so so so much!! I pinned it from LESSology!!!!!!!!

  4. I love this! Soooo clever...and cute!

    P/s: You could have an art show with just all your LESSology projects..:)

  5. He's an absolute joy! Brilliant recycling...
    Alison xx

  6. what is this amazingness i see before this owl..................

  7. What a stunning off-the-pager! You are honestly so creative!! I love owls - they are so cute & yours with the bowties.......adorable!!

  8. It amazes me, the things you see when you go to thrift stores! Of course, I wouldn't have given a second look to the clock face... This is fabulous!!


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