Friday, June 13, 2014

Thift Store Flowers & Silver Scallop Bowl

While I was on my search for Owl Materials I ran across this lovely silver scallop bowl at a second hand store that has been hanging out on my dining room table. I have randomly been attacking it with white toothpaste to get rid of some of the tarnish, but I don't mind a little of that here and there! I was GOING to make the owl from this but THE MAN said it was kinda too nice. Yes it is too nice. I paid a whole $3 for this and most of the stuff I used on the owl were free....

I found those flowers in the bowl yesterday at the second hand store for 75 cents and almost squealed. I love Prima but sometimes the price tag gets me a little so I can augment with these old and tattered ones. Best thing is they are already aged! ;-)

My favorite find recently is this milk glass container! It's already been altered, but you'll have to wait a bit to see it all fancied up!

And when you run out of things to buy, you can always make your own!

I cut that large P shape out myself after printing a rather large P on my large format printer. Fun times!

Hope you are gearing up for some great crafting this weekend!


  1. Those flowers still have lots of life left in them.. and I hope to get scrapping this weekend!

  2. Ahhhhhhh....the ever inspirational posts of Mrs. Pratt!!
    What's that?? The laundry can do itself this weekend and lawn needs to rest??
    So I should craft you say???
    I think I shall dub you, "Sage"'re chalk full of wise advice!! :D
    Happy weekend xx

  3. I rather like your shell dish, too...great for flowers!!! Looks a fab altered weekend coming your way:):)

  4. Enjoy your finds..looking forward to the altered milk jar post !!

  5. love your dish with flowers!!!!


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