Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tractor Paint on my new old Buffet

We got this buffet the same way we got a lot of our early furniture. Nobody else wanted it.

THE MAN believes his Mom bought the buffet from Nick Tavener's Mom when we were kids and I do recall it hanging out in their basement full of craft stuff when we started dating in high school.

Recently it was hanging out in our basement until our garage sale. Marked at $25, we were offered $20 for the hardware.

THE MAN said no. Which is pretty amazing since he said yes to the lady who wanted to buy the coat rack that wasn't for sale and we still needed for the towels by the hot tub.

The next day when she didn't stop back with the full price, he declared we were sanding & painting it. He knew exactly where it would fit in at the new house so was on board for revamping it.

You did notice that one door & the laminate is all bubbled up right? Plus some was actually missing.

A huge amount of wood glue & every single clamp we owned later....we did get the wood mostly flattened. We had to put the buffet on it's back since the door was not coming off. At least, we were not clever enough to get it off!

It also meant that the buffet had to be painted & not stained. Also it meant that the buffet needed to be sanded and sanded some more. And then even more sanding.

Sanding is almost as monotonous as spraying it with the air sprayer. THE MAN is the best with that kind of thing, which is why he sprayed all three coats of black. I tried talking him into that new fansy smancy chalk paint and some kind of crazy color and got THE LOOK. He said, not in my living room. 

He happened to have a huge amount of black semi gloss tractor paint left over from a previous project so that is what we used. We are a thrifty lot. I like how it turned out. You can see a couple of the ripples left from the laminate on the door, but where this is going in the new house, it won't be noticable.

You might also spy a black star by the second leg in from the left on the floor. More on that later! That is a Silly Cut star that had a very important use in the previous tractor paint project.

I'll be back in a week or so with some photos of my buffet installed in our new house! Can't wait! 

Happy Thursday!


  1. Ooooh! Not long now, then....& it does look good - sometimes The Man has the right idea, eh??? Sometimes:):):) Can't wait to see it in place...& does this mean you can buy a NEW [as in you know, recycled, or different] Towel stand???!!!! Heated would be nice...just saying....

  2. I knew you could make this buffet look "Oh so cool!". Will be a classy addition to your new place.

  3. oh my world...i really want to redo my kitchen table, it is such an awesome piece but it doesn't match

  4. That makes 2 of us...I can't wait either!!!! I literally am so excited to see you settled in your new place. The places you guys choose to live are truly the coolest and sure to make incredible family memories. I have to say that your old new buffet table is FLIPPIN' AMAZING!! So glad you didn't foster it out....


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