Monday, June 23, 2014

Towing & Talking

Last week we made a trip down south to our new house. We managed to marathon trip it for just an overnight and fit in closing on the new house, THE MAN visited his new plant, and I went to my office for a meeting. To say we were tired Friday night was a bit of an understatement. 

We hauled a bunch of stuff with us and in fact, when border patrol stopped us just outside of Canton, we had a giggle. The stern looking dude asked us if we were heading off to go camping. Why yes, we normally haul a plant stand, rocks, and spare tires for all our camping trips. Sadly I wished we were heading off for some camping. Much more relaxing than signing a huge stack of papers & driving five hours, not to mention meetings. 

THE MAN got to try out the new trailer he built. He spent all winter building it after picking up the trailer body at a local scrapyard for cheap. They had likely bought it from Fort Drum as military surplus although the trailer bodies had never been used. 

It was a labor of love I believe as it probably did not save us any money, but entertained him for the winter. 
My main contribution to the project was some wire wheeling & cutting him a star with my Silly so we could maintain the military star on the sides & back of the trailer. He made his star white while the original was black. 

Nice part was that I got to see my new office & craft room again. This time it had NOTHING in it, so it was much easier to imagine my stuff in my space. 

I am excited about the yellow and big windows. The brick floor even makes me happy. One does not like to talk about how many messes one has cleaned up off of carpet....I have plans for a rug that is easily washed, my new table, and perhaps a black sparkly chandelier!

I also have plans for roses outside my windows. Currently there are just bushes there and I am pretty sure flowers where I can see them will inspire! I told THE MAN that while we made plan after plan on our way home. 

Movers are here today, so it will be a busy week. IN THEORY, I will be back tomorrow with a video of my old craftroom. Please be gentle...I giggle and laugh and boy was I feeling awkward! 

Happy Monday!


  1. You've landed yet another little piece of heaven with this gorgeous house and craftroom. I can't even imagine the inspiration you'll have peering out those windows. Thinking of you all and hoping the move goes slowly. Was just going to text you, but that answers my question...LOL. Have fun!!! :D

  2. HAHAHA...I have no earthly idea why I typed "slowly" I meant "swiftly".... In any case; I hope it goes to your liking.

  3. That's gorgeous & you are SOOO right about the floor, too.....can't wait to have a look at your video...& I remember seeing pics of the trailer in the making - of process....good luck with the movers...thinking of you:):)


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