Friday, November 7, 2014

A Climbing Rose and Garden Shed

She's done! (And already full!)

We finally got our garden shed wrapped up! Good thing too, we needed the space! All the outdoor implements needed to move inside for the winter.

And look Lizzy Hill, I even bought a climbing rose to start making it look pretty! Will have to wait until spring for flowers though! The previous owners left us a smidge of trellis, so THE MAN attached it to the side for me. It will match the front of the house & a second climbing rose. I have planted the hostas back along the side of the shed here under the lilac, so hopefully come spring, it will be really cool!

Let me just tell you, this time of year left over plants are on serious sale! ;-)

Do you see my little P on the side of the shed? I have been hoarding that metal initial since this summer at my big ole junking trip to the Hudson Valley. So glad it's up where I can enjoy it! It's vintage and used to be something people installed in the middle of their metal screen doors..I'm thinking 50ties maybe?

The old shed that came with the place is also gone. We put it on Craig's List for free and next think you know, some dude was here with a trailer, a winch, and rolled off with it!

Happy Friday!


  1. My comment is not here anymore...LOL. This is the weirdest thing. Google shouldn't play hide n' seek like this. Anyway, you got the first one and I'm just back to say I still LOVE your shed!!

  2. This turned out great, you must be so pleased with it. Love the P and the sun and once the climbing rose takes it will be beautiful. What colour is the rose ? I am picturing a lovely yellow rose

  3. Your shed looks lovely and the rose will be beautiful as it climbs up your trellis too..

  4. Sigh. it's so the scattering of autumnal leaves in the shot, too. I'm going to imagine it will chipped floral cups & saucers & full of summer wooden tennis racquets & stuff you use on your lake in a tad OTT & off the page....but tools don't do it for me like they do you!!! So I can make a pretty picture for the inside!! LOOOOVE the description of your lilac & hostas, too. Your P is perfect - a perfect pratt place!!!! WELL DONE & timely finished, too:):)

  5. That is too beautiful! I love the sun on it!! That is AWESOME!!!! Is it made of metal & where would you buy something like that?


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