Thursday, November 13, 2014

Vanilla Coffee, a Birthday Bow, and some Gaming

My Little Squirt in July 2008

The boy turns 12 today. Luke has already started celebrating his birthday week. In the case of his sister, it was more like birthday month, so no doubt he has quite a bit more spoiling to get out of the way.

Not that you'd maybe notice, but they both have birthdays on the 13 of the month. Just goes to show you how well I can stay on schedule. ;-)

He was off school Tuesday for Veteran's Day and THE MAN went down and got him a box of donuts and some vanilla coffee. Yes, he's a coffee drinker already. I'm hoping it will stunt his growth. He's taller than me, has bigger feet than me, and his pant inseam is the same as THE MAN's. The doc told me he will be taller than his Daddy. Keeping him in pants that fit him has been quite the adventure. I'd like for once the pants to actually WEAR OUT vs. just being too small.

On his day off he mostly played games on his computer and shot his new bow. Last weekend Tommy was down from the North County and THE MAN set up a target and helped them shoot. He and Tommy had a campfire with marshmallows, hotdogs, and ate their fish dinner watching the flames.
That night we had cheesecake. Tonight we will have pineapple upside down cake. Nothing like having more than one birthday celebration!

Have a good day at school, Squirt! Come home soon so I can make you a special dinner and we can eat cake! Oh and thanks for being a good kid. I haven't ever heard a cross word about you from your teachers. It's a pretty cool they think you rock. And I forgive you for always taking the last cup of coffee and those stretch marks.


  1. LOL...the stretch marks. I contained the laughter pretty well until then... love that. Happy HAPPY birthday Luke!

  2. Happy birthday week young man.. make your mumma proud!

  3. Happy Birthday Luke!! Sounds like he is certainly getting spoilt! Love the sound of his time with an old friend & the multiple celebrations!!!

  4. See, you just GOTTA do the same as for your girl. This is going on a LO, right? Oh, you almost make me CRY....happy cry.....what a GOOD boy you have. Good and BIG by the sounds of it, eh? Maybe stop feeding him full stop might help, if you add it to the coffee drinking? LOL...that day with the bows and campfire and mate....that sounds like 13 yo boy Heaven!!!! Happy belated Day to your Luke!!!

  5. Ahh, that's is too funny.....the stretch marks!! Hahaha Happy Birthday Luke sounds like he had (or is having) a blast!!


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