Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I am VERY excited about this project! I have been since a few photos and a cutting file showed up in my inbox from Regina about a month ago. This is the tall house from the 3 D House Set. The little itty bity windows are my favorite.....Seriously cool....

Since I have a love to hate relationship with my Silly, I generally cut things out of kraft paper and then add color to them after JUST in case. I have ruined pretty paper due to my own in ability to get things lined up! 

The kraft paper was placed in an embossing folder in my Big Shot, inked up, and then misted. Very pleased with the gentle color. Reminds me of Christmas paper!

The BINGO card roof amused me greatly and is one of my favorite parts of this house! I could also imagine one with real playing cards! Her file does come with a roof as well if you want to leave your board games intact. 

Now, this house will be part of a larger project for Christmas! I have plans to place it in an apothecary jar with twinkle lights! Wish me luck on that since it may involve drilling a hole through glass....yeah, freaky!

Oh and I really obsessed about staging this house. I wanted fake snow, but never made it out to the craft store, so made due with cheese cloth. I have it on a box lid to elevate it a bit. Regina has one of those in her file as well. Also lets not discuss the flowers that are growing out of the snow.....they are pretty right?

Had to use my planter for one of those photos! It worked perfectly with one of my silver plates! ;-)

First person to leave me a comment on my funny wool socks gets points!

Happy Hump Day!



  2. Very cute little house! And love the socks!!

  3. Dunk me in a bowl of happy and lay me out to dry....OMG....have I died and this is Heaven???? I LOOOVE your tall house. The bingo roof, of had to be and the anticipation of drilling breakables....could it get more fun that that??? I think not! Also, points for the faux snow with cheesecloth and YES, those socks are killer awesome.

  4. Beautiful! I thought the snow flowers were a nice touch...the are soft in color and look very pretty in the snow. I can't wait to see it in the jar with lights!

  5. Nice socks LOL!! Beautiful little cosy home too!!!

  6. I don't think your socks are funny at all! Great job on your house. I always know when I come here, you are going to have an amazing work of art created.

  7. I love your cheesecloth snow Mitra and your bingo house is totally FAB! Love it!!

  8. Your bingo house is the bomb! Love all the details, the cheesecloth snow, the tiny windows, the textured siding, and the socks!


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