Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dia De Muertos at the Rockwell

No Halloweenie pages for me this year (yet!).   I did manage to fit in a cool Mexican holiday that is equally cool...well maybe more cool since they have sugar skulls.

I also managed to use up some scrap stash! Major holidays have their own bag of paper & embellishments in my stash & Halloween is no different. The only holiday with more stash is Valentine's Day, which is odd. You'd think it would be Christmas. (love me some hearts & doilies!)

My new fascination are sugar skulls. Lexi was invited to the Rockwell Museum with her Spanish class to make skulls. Since they were on display, they did not use real sugar, but white clay and paint.

Lexi is standing in front of the sugar skull display. I have a close up of hers, but it is blurry...I hope it comes home soon too!

One of favorite part of this page was making some coffee filter flowers to match all the lovely ones they had above their display. Of course, the little skeleton that come in some Halloweenie stuff from Lizzy Hill peeking out of a die cut window is pretty awesomesauce...especially the red gem eyes!

Pretty happy on how this turned out! The color inspiration & splatters emerged as a result of the Tresors de Luxe mood board. They had a LOT of that pretty golden orange and yellow!

Hope you get a chance to play along!

Happy Hump Day!

Oh on those sugar skulls? I still want to make one.....I'm pinning and planning for next year!


  1. Very interesting - sugar skulls!! and fabulous layout too..

  2. Red gem skeletons and your coffee filter flowers and the great photographs and psychedelic colors all look so perfect for the day of the dead. Has a real New Orleans feel to it. Looking forward to the sugar skill reveal of 2015.
    hey...Happy Almost Thanksgiving!!

  3. And I meant skull not skill even though mad skills will be involved, no doubt!

  4. Sugar skulls...erk! And that skeleton...double erk....glad it went to a home that used it......soooo wouldn't happen in Aussie!!!!


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