Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Creating Quickly with a Kit or Power Scrappin'

I have been using Scraptastic Kits for nearly two years. Back when I lived in the North Country and the Local Scrapbook store had limited stuff, it was a way to keep things fresh. Now I live near three big craft stores and I still buy a kit.

Let me tell you why.

It's the best way for creating quickly.

In theory the person who is putting together a kit has an eye on what is fresh in the industry. They also have a good eye for things that go well together. They can buy things in bulk and even possibily offer things that are exclusive. Plus, they may send you things you'd never normally pair with something else and shazam! It looks awesome! Way to grow as a Scrapper!

I am here to admit that sometimes I'll power through an entire kit in almost one setting. I won't even have photos in mind, I'll just lay pages out with spots for one photo or a couple. This summer I did that several times sitting at a picnic table by a campfire. I'll add the photo, title, journaling, and embellishments later.

It has been a huge timesaver.

I have been hoarding the November Shake It Off Kit because I want to show my Sistah-In-Law who is coming to visit for Thanksgiving how easy to power scrap. Well, it hasn't been easy because I do want to rip into it. Lucky for her I've been messing around with decorating & Christmas stuff.

So, after we slice up some Turkey, we'll shake it all off with some lovely paper, chippies, and embellies.

Fun times await!.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. That looks like a great kit, and love all those layouts you have created from a kit.. wonderful scrapping.. and enjoy the new kit!

  2. Oh MY!!! I do so adore love drool over & deeply desire these kits! I won a chrissy one, & it was amazing...still getting through it!! It's one of the reasons I wished I lived in the USA!!! And your speed scrapping is amazagobs..I reckon you & your SIL will have a blast:):)

  3. I completely agree!! Creating with kits is a sure fire way to barrage through them in a couple of days!! Awesome!!


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