Thursday, November 6, 2014

Altered Monogram Trick or Treat Box for LESSology

This wooden box came all plain jane from the second hand store. I believe it once held some kind of caliper and I rescued it from the tool section.

Let me get you a photo since I am pretty sure you are thinking it couldn't have been THAT plain....

Oh look! It's kinda grubby too! ;-) That is what happens when you get thrown in a toolbox...

Let me show you a few more photos of my rescue!

I really love the color I got on the edges and top. I used a hammered ivory spray paint as a base and then added some purple mist & gold paint on top.

Of course there was a doily involved at one point that got modge podged on and then some microbeads and glitter added in the wet glue...honest, both halves of the doily are there, you have to look realllllly close under my bling on the front!

I am not entirely sure I am done with the inside. I kinda want to build a little scene going vertical....

For now, the grubby painty look is making me happy, besides I am thinking about storing something yummy in this box on my desk...which is why of course it has my monogram on the front. I just want to make sure EVERYONE is very clear in this house who owns the candy!

I happened to have my Halloween scrapbooking stuff out and I figured when my box did not contain any chocolates, it would be a trick! ;-)

Talking about treats, it's always a pleasure to work some really fine quality items like these flowers and this butterfly from Renea Bouquets

Won't you come play along with us over at LESSology! Fun times await and glittery fingers!


  1. Well..I'm a fan!!! You just make me shake my head and smile. I am NEVER disappointed when it comes to seeing the before's and after's of your work. I love, love, LOVE seeing the transformations at the hands of the fabulous Mrs. Pratt! I too have a private stash of candy on my desk. I blend it in next to the bill one EVER looks there! ;)

  2. What an upcycle!! I just love the way you do color~it is always such a visual delight to see your work and all the Glitter~YUM!!

  3. I love this little stash box. Just the thing to make your eyes AND tummy happy.

  4. This is crazy beautiful! I adore that hammered spray too!!!


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