Monday, November 24, 2014

My House & it's Split Personality

My house currently is on the brink of Christmas with Thanksgiving mixed in! Which means I still have the pumpkins out on the mantle in honor of our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, but Christmas is sneaking in various places!

Take for instance by the kitchen sink....I have the little BINGO house I made for THE CUTTING CAFE on display. I finally settled on a milk glass antique plate hot glued on a upside down candlestick  to show off my house that is hanging out next to a past LESSology project.

On the black buffet that we painted with tractor paint just before we moved, I am showing off my little book page trees I made a while back, the altered strawberry glass shade lamp I redid, an altered clock, my Pratt Inc. wooden blocks, and a more recent addition....a revamped junkin' vase. This is all next door to my hutch...

Little sparkly trees, some vintage glass ornaments on a back drop of vintage silver platters. Those platters used to hang out on my big wall in the North Country

Now they stay completely dust free & mostly tarnish free in my china cabinet! Yes I need a family photo in that frame..I'd better get on that!

I added a few cookie cutters in various places, this one is my favorite!

The top of the hutch has a new junkin find & a lamp base tree that I made several years ago. Isn't that red case cool with the mirror in it?

Can you almost spy the mantle in the mirror....I'm getting over there...that is where most of the Thanksgiving stuff is...

That little vase right in the center filled with dried hydrangea from the bush outside also came from the second hand store. I sprayed it will a little vinegar & mirror paint so it would match the candlestick holder. In a previous life, it was a glass shade on a light fixture. Of course that clock was a restore from earlier this year....

That glass light fixture in the middle got the same treatment with the mirror paint & hydrangea.

Right by our dining room table, I have a Thanksgiving Cactus getting ready to really get crazy. I am hoping my Happy Thanksgiving Card from THE CUTTING CAFE inspires it! I have had that plant for years...came in one of those itty bitty pots....

And there you have it, Peeps! A little stroll through my house. There might be a corner or two I'm not showing you yet...a future blog post or two!

Happy Monday!


  1. You are extremely clever, and your home would be a wonderland of your creativity.. enjoy your special occasions!

  2. Wonderful journey through Mitra's collectibles....I'm loving the China Cabinet....great for keeping the tarnish off that silver ware!!!

  3. Cookie cutters mixed in with baubles...i love that! It's the unusual that inspires me and I love how you displayed them together. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only house that has a split personality! The tour was fabulous. I'll just help myself to some hot cocoa and cookies on the way out....

  4. looking good lady, i STILL have my pumpkins out front to lol..hugs

  5. I adore all your vintage goodies!! I would be such a junker if I lived there!!


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