Monday, November 3, 2014

More Illumination: Tiffany Rewired Lamp for $25

It really started by accident. While mucking around the thrift store I spotted a huge stained glass shade for $5. I was pretty sure it was marked incorrectly, but it was on the building side which is always more reasonable. However, since I wasn't in the market for a shade, I left it there.

Of course it continued to haunt me until I texted THE MAN who swung by on his way home & picked it up for me. It has been hanging out in the spare bedroom for weeks until I got the idea that it needed to be on a floor lamp.

I like the little table that is by my chair but the original lamp was taking up a lot of room. So another trip to the ReStore scored me a somewhat sad brassish heavy floor lamp for $15. Let me show you the pair. It was hard taking the photo as things were really lose and the cord extremely old. In fact, that is why it got plugged in on the front porch!

It is now very solid & sturdy with a new coat of Rustoleum Copper & Black Hammered spray paint. It is still warm enough to spray outside, so I used my trusty stump. I have a couple that are perfect for spray painting projects!

I also found by spraying one color over top of the other, you got a really cool effect.

It also got rewired. I picked up a new cord & socket at Walmart for $5, putting my total for this project at $25. Since these lamps seem to run from $100 to $200, I feel pretty thifty!

My other lamp move down to the next end table, so there is more mood lighting in the evening. 

Of course, now I want to get working on my little red table that was also a thrifting find. More spray paint in my future!

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm soooo happy you support my addiction to spray paint. It was wonderful standing in the store and getting one on one help from you instantly. I cannot wait to spray with that new one and after seeing this INCREDIBLY AMAZING and thrifty make of yours I'm truly encouraged. So glad that shade haunted you. You truly have a created a sensational make over!

  2. This is fabulous. Spray painting is also an addiction of mine!! I buy the same stuff as you even though it's 4 times the price AFTER the currency conversion. It's just so good & the colours are amazeballs...


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