Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Bus Fiasco Layout

I'm still in school mode with my scrapping! It's about time. Normally I make back to school pages in short order after the first day of school photos. This time, I was way way way too mad! Guess it's time to get over it since we are almost two and a half months into it!

Here in NY for reasons I have never understood, we start school on a Thursday. Our new school was a merger of Corning East and Corning West, so they decided it would be easier to have the 6th graders come on Thursday and the 7th/8th graders on Friday.

They told us to use School Tool to check where the bus would be picking up our children and also what time.

Luke got on the bus exactly when they said it would arrive at our house.

Lexi the next day did not have a bus pick her up. Huge fiasco ensues because THE MAN had a doctor's appointment right when she needed to be dropped off at school. A crazy woman in a ball cap with wet hair managed to get here there only ten minutes late.

I called when I got home and was assured that we had the correct pick up time and the bus would pick them up on Monday.

On Monday, no bus again. Called again. Was assured again.

Tuesday, no bus. Called again.

Finally someone tells me to have them out for the bus a full HALF HOUR SOONER. We were missing the bus by a half hour! To heck with what they had published on School Tool!

So, you can see here I had to content myself with split photos since they did not ride the same bus on the same day. I also had to take one of Lexi getting OFF the bus since she missed actually riding one to school on the first day.

I guess the school went with what was best for them, not best for my scrapbook layout or photo needs! The nerve! ;-)

Things are all squared away now for the most part. I'm not big on the hour it takes for my kids to get home from a school that is ten minute away by car, but I hear they are working on it. We're all getting in the groove, including finally getting it scrapped!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. School started here on a Thursday too. The bus situation, to this day and we've been here a year, is completely fubar. It appealed to my daughter as it won the case for her getting a car too; however, the bus driver here must be nuts and no regard for neighborhood speed limits. I suppose if none are posted then the sky is the limit. I think your pictures are wonderful and the scenery in the background is wonderful!! that Be brave sign on your layout too. I'm feeling like that's more for you than them :)

  2. We start on Wednesday's here! And I can't believe the crud you had to go thru for her bus ... how frustrating!! I love your lo though! LOVING the colors!!!!!!!!

  3. I was going to say great story - but obviously it's not actually a great story, it's a very annoying story! But you've turned it into a very entertaining tale and made a beautiful page too

  4. Lovin' your title, lovin' that bold orange circle, lovin' the pp's.....LOVING the story. Well, feeling your frustration. I keep saying this year......the world's gone mad.....madder in your spot by the sounds of it!!! Glad it's sorted. I had a 2 hours each way from door to door every morning and night when i was a teen. But they were the Bad Old Days!!!

  5. Glad things are getting resolved. Do love your layout, with all the "cheery" colors. Will be one of those times to look back on and say----"Remember When!!!!!"

  6. Lovely popping colours. I find the American school bus thing intriguing. Here it is our responsibility to drop off & fetch our kids from school & is a nightmare with traffic outside the school & far too little parking. Fortunately we are extremely well located in our latest home that both schools are on our same road! It's a busy one though so I never let the kids walk. SA is also too unpredictable for that.


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