Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Day in DC Layout: Air and Space Museum

We went back to DC and the Air and Space Museum on a recent trip South. The oldest asked nicely if we could fit it in and also go to an IMAX movie. What a great day!

What I find best for a day with multiple cool photos but a common theme is to make a Picasa photo collage. I pick out the best photos and let the program arrange them in a grid. I then take the ones I like the best and choose them for the larger spots.

Really dig that photo of my kids next to a large mural at the Air and Space Museum. They are both huge into space, so it made me happy.

We also went to a couple of other museums that day and the National Arboretum.

One of my favorite parts of this page is my flat gold sticker flower, paired up with some real ones, and then a leaf stencil! I felt all kinds of clever after I made it! Also LOVE that gold banner paperclip!

Those gold letters make me happy too!

Hope your Hump Day is amazing!



  1. So much goodness all on one page! LOVE!! And yes Picasa collages are the BEST. Great page for great memories!!

  2. Looks fabulous....& it's so good your kids are into this sort of thing AND I am soooo 'with' you re: Picassa, too:):)

  3. Looks like a great day going by the fabulous college of photos! Love just those few flowers! And love the sizes and mix of your photos too!

  4. Love the collage of pictures. Looks like a great trip. Those "2" are growing so fast. The paper clip banner is really clever, will have to copy it at some point.


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