Thursday, April 16, 2015

Roller Derby Layout with Close to My Heart Paper

This is the sister page to one I made during a lovely Crafternoon with the girls. It's pretty simple (for me) with minimal paint splatters and distressing. The paper does all the hard work, in my opinion!

I just wanted to use this photo of friends and I skating. What a nice time! I stole this off facebook fair and square too! It reminded me of junior high with the lights and the music!

Now my friend Kristy has a ton of photos she took. In fact, she took this one of me in the bathroom even...I am reaching for the paper towels which are at the right height if you are on skates...and my hair has this lovely red tint that has by now mellowed, but it was just several hours after having my hair enjoy this gem of a photo!

I really like the white ribbon flower with velvet leaves! Cut those out on my big shot! Super pretty gold letters make me happy too!

Just a simple page on a Thursday!



  1. Simply lovely I say! Especially the gold lettering... YUMM!!! Love your hair BTW too:):)

  2. Aww, you gals all look so cute in your rollerskates...great picture! But that paper towel roll is baffeling. Reminds me of the outlet on the ceiling of my pantry. That still has me scratching my head....

  3. I love those paper patterns across your page.. great colors too, and love the flower..

  4. LOVING this! LOVING the colors and the photo!!!!!

  5. love the page!!! beautifully done:)

  6. LOVELY! I'm always attracted to simpler layouts even though it's hard for me to do them!! Very soothing & like the different printed lines.


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