Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Little Canvas in the Rain

After we got home from the beach it snowed. If that wasn't insult to injury, it has proceeded to rain for what seems a week. I dodged some raindrops to get these photos of the second canvas I made on Spring Break! I cut a hole in the canvas which is why you can see wet concrete below the heart!

I was thinking about adding a photo of THE MAN but then again he might think the whole thing too mushy...

Both canvases match each other nicely so I think I'll hang them contemplating putting them in the camper even!

Pretty pumped about that heart shape...and the forever title that is a hard plastic and gives depth! Super fun!

Hope your Hump Day was super awesome!


  1. They do look wonderful together!

  2. THat forever title is awesome......the heart shape is awesome. I just love the whole spring vibe you've got going with both these happy, warm looking. Unlike your weather by the sounds of it....sooner or later it's GOT to fine up!!!

  3. Wow wow wow!! These are gorgeous! LOVING the colors and the heart cut out!!!!


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