Monday, April 20, 2015

A Vintage Round Basket with Pawn Chess Feet & Branch Handle for THE CUTTING CAFE

Earlier today found me admist a wreckage of paper & near tears. THE MAN showed up in the middle of things to boast about the new tooth bar he got for the loader on his tractor. When I explained that my 5 year old Silhouette was near to getting thrown out the door, he uttered the most romantic thing ever...

Get yourself a new one!

I have been having endless trouble getting files to cut correctly for months and today had reinstalled the software & had still ruined about eight sheets of paper....not to mention A GUY at work has a new Cameo for cutting vinyl and if I hear one more time HOW AMAZING it is.......

Thankfully the base file for this basket DID cut correctly so I could make this lovely basket! Honestly though I was just testing the cut on the world's ugliest paper so I counted my blessings and SPRAY PAINTED the whole thing purple and gold. So then I had to have a bit of a mixed media play with some mists, gold paint, and glitter.

I used a scallop that I cut from my Big Shot (that is still working!) to use in place of the really cool file Regina provided for the baskets that makes paper look like it's woven. It's a really cool file and I'm looking forward to giving it a try with my new Silly! If you want to check it out, you can find it over at THE CUTTING CAFE!

And can you see the branch that I hot glued in as a handle? I added glittery green leaves along with a pretty little purple butterfly. The file is very customizable! 

My basket makes me so happy even if I was a BASKET CASE when my Silly was acting up! Counting down the days until my new one is here!

Happy Monday!


  1. That is good to get a new Silly! I only have my big shot which is marvellous, I use it a lot.. would cry if it ever stopped working!! Your basket looks wonderful!!

  2. What a GOOD man you are married to! And it will be the latest, that takes a USB & doesn't need to be connected to the computer. Oh! You lucky girl.....loving your creation, too....gorgeous flowers!!!

  3. Gorgeous!!!! I loveeeeeeee that dove and the flowers!!!!!

  4. You and cutting's a love hate kinda thing! So glad they didn't 'take you away' before you were able to order a new one and your basket case experience resulted in an EXQUISITE basket with glorious feet!! I lurve that real wood handle too!
    I'm off to google tooth bar....

  5. Pure genious....your so amazing AND he is for sure a keeper

  6. Wow, this is so cool Mitra! I love the wood handle and it's decorated beautifully. xx

  7. Oh DEFINITELY the most romantic thing every said! SO sorry. Still haven't got around to setting up the old one I bought. No space but tackling that now with my new storage man making me some pallett storage!! Beautiful basket project!!!

  8. Really cool basket. Sorry to hear about your Silhouette, but it has worked hard for you. Glad you could get a new one. Hope it arrives soon.

  9. What a great guy you have! Your basket is stunning. You always have a way of making paper look like anything but paper. I love that.


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