Monday, April 6, 2015

A Little Canvas on the Beach

Back from a week away in the Camper! Oh the beach! What fun! I do so miss it, especially since it snowed a whole lot as soon as we got home!

I had NO IDEA it was so windy in the Outerbanks of North Carolina! In fact, it was so windy that I got accustomed to sleeping in our camper with the wind and the first night back at the house, had trouble sleeping in the quiet!

Anyhow, my point being was that any crafting could not be done on a picnic table due to paper pieces blowing away. I did figure out how to use the plastic piece that covers our sink to make a little scrappin canvas inside!

Snuck up first thing in the morning to take a few photos in the lovely sun. Our campsite was right behind the dunes so it was quite easy. ;-)

Made three large tags with scraps of a kit, added some pretty new sticky back lace, flowers, and some pretty dragonflies & a butterfly from Reneabouquets completed the bling!

I have since changed up the bow and added some gesso to tone down the paper on the edges! I'll show you that tomorrow when I post my second canvas I made! I might be taking that photo in the snow though! EEEEK!

Happy Monday!


  1. Snow? You still got snow. After being at the beach.... Goodness! Love the canvas, it looks like spring love the flowers and dragonflies! I hope it warms up for you soon!

  2. Love the spring look. Isn't it just the pits to have snow, after the nice sunshine in the south. I am having sun withdrawal.

  3. SNOW??? Can't believe that.....snow. beGONE, I say. There y'are. Hope that works. Meanwhile, a beach bg is pretty awesome. Shows your tags off to perfection....ADORE those flowers with the hessian. Yumbos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Beautiful work and the scenery is breathtaking. It's been forever since I've been to the water! Love this :)


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