Monday, April 13, 2015

Waves & Rays Layout from OBX

WOOF! WOOF! (that's hi in dog by the wayz). This here is Patti the Pratt dogz. Mum made this page about me! I told her I'd get on her bloggz and tell you peeps all about her page.

Hold tight and I'll get ya the whole thing.

This here is me looking at that huge scary thing that makes a lot of noise and is really wet. UGH. It's for sure overrated. Not to mention getting sand between my toes...

Mum wanted me to hang out there when she took me out for my morning pee. NOT GUNNA HAPPEN BY A LONG SHOT. I'm more of a chase chipmunks in the woods kinda pup.

She did make a pretty page though...check out those fake flowers. Can sniff them and won't get stung by a bee on your nose...

And that paper is super cute! Notice that orange matches my fur coat!

Oh and by the way, I saw the cutest Rottweiler dog at the Campground! Grrrrrrr!

Alright, Mum says wrap er up!


  1. Hey Patti! You coulda peed on the page & that woulda put that there big noisy water in its place. Not sure your Mumma woulda approved...but, hey, it's what a dog does!!! Anyways, I s'pose a sniff is just as good! Tell your Mum I reckon it's a corker of a page....great sea photo & not too bad of you, mate, either. Cheers from Wally, your Aussie doggie mate. PS.....I don't like the sea, either. Don't mind the sand, but I've a total aversion to wetting my feet in the stuff......

  2. Dear Patti the Pratt dog, you are lucky to have a special page created for you by your loving owner.. It looks wonderful.. and I love the flowers.... even if they dont have a smell... and you know if you try the sand and water play area it can be kinda fun!! especially on a hot day.. maybe one day you could just be brave (maybe that Rottwieler is brave too!!) and go out and try it!! I love the photo, the sky looks so pretty, and you do too!!!

  3. One of the best posts ever....LOVE that!!!!!!

  4. Too lovely!! Beautiful doggie & beautiful page & photo!!!


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