Thursday, April 23, 2015

Feeling Crabby and Beach Beads: The Spoils of a Vacation

When we were in the Outerbanks, North Carolina, it seemed every other tourist place had hermit crabs. And as much as I wanted one right off, I knew we had to wait until we got home before setting up a habitat and purchasing some. 

Lucky for Lexi, Daddy bought a shovel for the 4WD beach and she was able to bring home a bag of beach pebbles for a tank. Note Luke above modelling said shovel. Also note that the boy who knew he was going to the beach did not pack shorts or his own flipflops, but I digress.....

The Pratt Hermit crabs now have a lovely tank with two different kinds of water, fresh fruit daily, and lots of attention. That is Alpaca that Lexi is holding. No our pets aren't spoiled...

I brought back a much sparklier treat for myself, some beads purchased at a bead shop. I had the whole crew with me so didn't stop to make them into earrings...had to put them together when I got home! Love those dragonfly ones so much!

Happy Thursday! Hope yours was awesome and you didn't feel a bit crabby! 


  1. Wow your crabs have a palace! What a great home for them! We had 3 crabs once...a long time ago...but I won't tell you how they went to,the big sandcastle in the sky...... And why would your man child bring shorts to the beach...that would be too obvious! Have a good weekend! (Cos it is Friday night here at the moment!)

  2. LOL! My mate has always kept Hermit Crabs in her school classroom.... they make the best pets, according to her! I hope yours live long and happily :):) Boys....!!!


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