Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Girls Day Out at the Corning Museum of Glass Studio

A while back THE MAN was away for the weekend and THE BOY was off at a friend's house. That meant us girls needed to come up with something fun!

I scheduled a hot glass class for Lexi and a friend of mine Kristy joined us with her daughter & another Mom & daughter. I'd been really wanting to check out the Corning Museum of Glass Studio for a long time, not to mention dinner in the cafeteria is generally pretty good.

The girls made adorable little glass snowman with the help of a trained gaffer & I got to make a scrapbook page. Well, two! One for Kristy as well.

Mine has Lexi in the center of course in that super sweet circle graphic. GUESS WHO MADE ME THAT!

Yes, that is my outdoor voice. Miss Regina over at THE CUTTING CAFE hooked me RIGHT UP. Hopefully she will put it out for sale if you want it!

Love that paper I used. It's extremely old Close to My Heart Paper and I had to stop HOARDING it and use some up!

Fits right in with the newest challenge over at Another Freakin Scrappy if you have some that you are hoarding too! Still half the month left!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. your work is BREATHTAKING.......that is my outdoor and indoor voice...screaming at how talented you are....lol

  2. That circle element is stunning! And it looks like you girls had a fabulous time....rather liking your pp, too....good on you for USING - not hoarding :):)

  3. This or should I sat these layouts look fabulous, love the circle element and that is a great quote too!

  4. Eeeek! I wanna get my hands on that graphic. Loooove the sentiment and what incredible layouts you made for you both. Sounds like a wonderful evening with the girls. Those snowmen are amazing!!

  5. I'd absolutely LOVE to do something like that. NOTHING like that here EVER. Awesome photos & design with that lovely circle!!


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