Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sparkly Caged Bird Sing for the LESSology Typeface Challenge

I love birdcages! I spotted this one on a scratch and dent shelf with some Christmas stuff and walked out of the store with this sparkly one for $2 dollars! It's been on my mind to alter, but I felt horrible "caging" up my little salt and pepper shaker ceramic birds. I was also trying to come up with a good way to use a real nest in my cage. 

Finally came up with the idea one bird could perch on the top and the other could hang out on the nest. I wanted to imply freedom and had the thought of using the words "Caged Bird Sing" from a Maya Angelou poem

Those pretty sparkly words fit in with the Type Face Challenge we are having over at LESSology

Getting them to "stick" to a sparkly bird cage was a bit of a challenge. Just like the actual nest that got wired in, some of them had to be attached to the cage with wire. Hot glue also helped out too!

Used plenty of real moss to give both birds a spot to nest. Also a dog wood branch got additional glitter glue to make the flowers a little prettier!

My favorite part of the whole cage was adding the glass feet. I was covered in glitter by the end, but I spaced the four feet out by counting the bars and drilling a small hole in the base. You can see the screws in the photo below where I attached them. 

Fun times! Hope you get a chance to play along with us! Get your glitter on too!


  1. Gorgeous:) I love bird cages, nest, birds of any kind 😊

  2. Beautiful! Love the pink flowers! And sweet birds too,

  3. I looove how you challenge yourself with the most difficult things to do! And they come off so beautifully! This is a stunning little cage. I still use the one you sent me everyday & it sits on my scrapping table and makes me HAPPY!!!

  4. Ahhhh...this is gorgeous! LOVE the glass feet! I love how you decorate your bird cages and this one is not exception! Bird cages are very pricey over here and we don't have thrift stores so I'll just admire yours. :)

  5. Dude!! You completely rock and this cage is fabulous! 2 dollars???/ That's a steal and a half and I love what you've created here. Also, we need to talk about the white stuff on the ground..... ummm? I saw that on the news the other day. Are you guys done now with that?


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